15 People Whose Actual Age Can Make Your Jaw Drop

2 years ago

When we were little kids we wanted to be older, but as we age we are ready to try trendy diets and expensive facial creams that promise to make us look younger. 15 people featured in this article can confuse even the brightest minds with their real age. Some of them look like they’ve discovered the elixir of eternal youth while others look much older than their actual age.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admit that we had to scratch our heads as we tried to figure out how old these people really are.

1. “Me (31) with my wife (32) and 4 our kids. People always ask if kids are my siblings.”

2. “My work ID. I’m 40.”

3. “48 y/o and finally went back to school after graduating high school 30 years ago.”

4. “I finally got a wig to give me more confidence when doing guy makeup looks.”

5. “If I wasn’t related to this kid, I would think he was a middle-aged man.”

6. “Try to find our college basketball coach.”

7. “13 blunderful years all in one photo. Why’d I wear the same glasses for so long.”

8. “Me at 17.”

9. “This officer helping an elderly lady change her license plate.”

10. “Me in elementary school.”

11. “Matronly 40-year-old librarian? Nope! Just me, a 12-year old boy.”

12. “Me in 3rd grade.”

13. “My husband on his first day of school in 1990.”

14. “I’m 17.”

15. “I was 11 here. Looks like I’m about to feed my farm animals and cross-stitch on my rocking chair.”

How old do people usually think you are? Do you have pictures where you look much older or younger? Please share them with us!

Preview photo credit hostfacedbat / reddit


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