20 Confusing Pics That Can Challenge Your Sense of Logic

2 years ago

survey revealed that 88% of people regard sight as the most important among our 5 basic senses. But we can’t always trust our eyes, as they can also deceive us. This happens when we see illusions that play tricks on our minds, or when we come across scenes that seemingly defy logic.

If you’re up for a challenge, Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared these 20 mind-bending photos, and we can all figure them out together.

1. “My dog and his shadow decided to spend some time apart.”

2. “The reflection in this can looks like a face.”

3. This kid looks like he was born at 65.

4. This cat accidentally became Batman. But how?

5. “This leaf that I thought was a fish”

6. How is it possible to break it so perfectly?

7. “Conjoined twin cats?”

8. “This broken monitor looks like a strange squid.”

9. “My shadow in an open field”

10. This is not a limited edition. These cans just have been left in the sun so long, they’ve lost color.

11. “I found a keyhole in a brick wall.”

12. “I accidentally cut this nail exactly in half.”

13. “A window guy came by the office and put on an abstract art show.”

14. “My girl and I somehow exchanged fingernail styles.”

15. “A super crisp rainbow”

16. “A cow wearing a Halloween mask”

17. “Switching lamps: the new one is casting a shadow on the old shade of what appears to be a giant spider.”

18. “The diffraction in these glasses makes lights cast rainbows.”

19. The baby looks like they’ve just done a workout.

20. This bike that looks like it’s missing a tire from a certain angle

Has the universe ever puzzled you? Has it added a bit of mystery into your life? Please share your stories and photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit boteco / reddit


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