20 Discoveries People Made That Will Satiate Our Inquisitive Minds

2 years ago

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back,” is a famous phrase that many of us have heard and that could be quite right. Satisfying our curious mind can bring us a lot of pleasure, from knowing what the inside of a tennis ball looks like to inspecting the inside of a cherry seed. Besides, these might be good facts to share with your friends and leave more than one in awe.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we are excited to discover new things, that’s why we want to share the findings of some internet users so that you can also satisfy your inquiring mind.

1. “My dogs tore apart a cactus toy, to reveal another, sad cactus toy.”

2. “I cut a pack of bacon in half.”

3. “The inside of my son’s slap bracelet is part of a tape measure.”

4. “The little ball inside spray-paint cans are regular marbles.”

5. “In case anyone ever wondered what the inside of an Etch A Sketch looked like, cause I wasn’t expecting this.”

6. “The inside of a cherry seed”

7. “This sponge has a smaller sponge inside it”

8. The structure of a mollusk

9. “Ice cream cut in half”

10. “The inside of my debit card”

11. “The inside of this tomato looks like a perfect strawberry.”

12. “Inside of a bee tree”

13. “My dog finally killed her favorite toy tonight, only to find there was a smaller, even more squeaky toy inside!”

14. Cross section of a honeybee comb, showing larvae in royal jelly at the bottom of the cells. Royal jelly is a source of nourishment that is secreted by worker bees and fed exclusively to larvae that will develop into queen bees.

15. “If you have ever wondered what the inside of an RFID keycard looks like, now you know.”

16. “So apparently a 9 volt battery is 6 AAA batteries taped together.”

17. “I cracked open a UK plug and found a two pin Europe plug inside.”

18. “Tennis ball cut in half”

19. Hip bone

20. “My dog tore open his Yoda plush toy and the squeaker inside is a heart.”


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found inside an object? Our curiosity awaits your stories.


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