18 Times Passengers Wished They Could Fast Forward in Time to Flee Their Plane

2 years ago

If you want to take a trip, flying is always an excellent option. Most of the times everything goes perfectly. But a bit of bad luck can turn your life into a real tragicomedy. Maybe a passenger in the vicinity takes off his shoes during the entire trip, or you get a scared when waking up to find a strange doll that seems to be staring at you. Anything you can imagine can happen inside an airplane, after all.

That’s why Now I’ve Seen Everything took on the task of finding stories of people who experienced some strange “turbulence” on their flight and told what it felt like.

1. “Lady in front of me during 4-hour flight”

2. “Hurley from Lost is on my flight to LAX. The plane in Lost was on its way to LAX. I think this means I’m screwed.”

3. “Sister woke up on the plane to this.”

4. “On a flight today, the two women behind us talked loudly the entire flight. Took this picture thinking my son was asleep.”

5. “The air humidity plus the onboard AC created this on my flight yesterday after we flew through the time rip.”

6. “The toilet on my flight from Charlotte to San Antonio. What is this? A toilet for ants?”

7. Nothing special. Just penguins on the plane

8. “I booked my flight online and chose the ’Vegetarian Oriental’ meal. This is what I got.”

9. When you have the right attitude, there’s always a solution.

10. “Never thought it’ll happen to me. 6 hours flight, touched me 3 times.”

11. “Paid 125 for window seat.”

12. “Hulk Hogan was on my flight, he sat in an exit row. Never have I felt so safe on an aircraft.”

13. “Just in case anyone wonders, Ryanair does not consider a pizza box as excessive hand luggage!”

14. “I was on one of those ’Phantom flights’ today....it was eerie.”

15. “Our flight attendant insisted multiple times that my son ’turn off his device.’”

16. Maybe it’s just our imagination, but the way this window was fixed doesn’t seem safe...

17. “My captain friend sent me this photo. Saudi prince bought tickets for his 80 hawks.”

18. And this is the reason why you can’t carry scissors onboard the plane.

Have you ever had a trip that you wished would end as soon as possible?

Preview photo credit RNtroll / Reddit, red-moon / Reddit


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