20+ Pics That’ll Make You Giggle and Feel All Fuzzy Inside

2 years ago

Taking a perfect selfie with your cat, adopting a dog after years of wishing for one, or simply waking up next to your furry best friend — these are all little moments in our lives that we wouldn’t trade for anything else. All these snapshots have the power to give us the shivers and turn our frowns upside down.

Now I’ve Seen Everything scoured the Internet and found some images that really spark joy and make us feel all warm inside, and we wanted to share them with you.

1. “My cat and I took the perfect selfie!”

2. “Getting my son a kitten was one the best decisions ever made!”

3. “She seduced my partner in front of my very eyes.”

4. “A random cat welcomed my son to the neighborhood.”

5. “The little guy fell out of a tree. Rushed him off to a wildlife rehab, but he kept crawling out of the box to snuggle.”

6. “This picture looks like my granddad is telling our foster kitten a story.”

7. “Pippin always makes my day better.”

8. “My mom and my daughter sharing a special moment”

9. “My dad having a great time video game-bowling”

10. “My niece comforting some lovely grandmas at an old age home”

11. “7 years ago, I shared this picture of Jerry. At 15, he’s still smelling flowers!”

12. “Almost totaled my truck trying to avoid this knucklehead! His name is Tank, and he fears nothing.”

13. “This is a picture of my grandpa and his new kitten.”

14. “My parents’ dog can wink better than most of us.”

15. “This is what I see when I wake up in the morning. Is my cat stealing my wife?”

16. “Today, my dog kissed her vet while he was taking her blood pressure.”

17. “Anyone can tell he’s loved.”

18. “The moment we introduced our new puppy to her big brother”

19. “My nephew asked to get a photo with the duck.”

20. “I can’t tell who’s more excited!”

21. “Meet my kitten, Toast!”

Which pic made you smile right away? What brings joy into your life every day?

Preview photo credit AJackson8826 / reddit


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