20+ Everyday Heroes Without Capes That Went Out of Their Way to Brighten Others’ Days

2 years ago

There are people in the world who, without superpowers, protect others and do good in their own way. As you read this, out there a man is trying to dry a bird that got wet from the rain, a boy donating his hair to an organization that makes wigs for sick children, and a bakery that gives away its products to those in need.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we love stories of heroes who prove that evil has no chance of triumphing on Earth.

1. “Wholesome sign at my college accommodation”

2. “My kids love the neighbor’s dog. I noticed toys have been provided for everyone’s enjoyment.”

3. “This young lady wanted to help foster kids, so she started a project that collected over 50 backpacks filled with personal care items for local foster kids.”

4. “Dry cleaning/laundry business offers free service to the unemployed.”

5. “This bumblebee queen needed some rest. After a few hours of warming up and snacking on some flowers and sugar water I gave her, she was ready to set off again.”

6. “My UPS delivery person leaves treats behind for my dog.”

7. “Two cops in South Philly today pushing a car to the gas station.”

8. “Just happened across this as I was walking home from the grocery store. This is too cool.”

9. “This library has a motorized wheelchair charging station”

10. The wisdom of children

“My son had his gymnastics meet today. When his teammate didn’t get any medals, he offered to share one of his. ’But I didn’t earn it,’ his friend said. My son replied ’You earned it by being my best friend.’ Made me tear up, what a good little man.”

11. “A simple yet heartwarming message”

12. “Post box in Orkney. Too cute not to share.”

13. “My Dad helping my cat reach a bug he’d been stalking”

14. “Made this for my grandma because she is scared of leaving her apartment.”

15. A bakery that does not hesitate to help those who need it most.

16. “A man trying to dry the bird that is wet due to the downpour and is about to freeze from the cold... with a hair dryer.”

17. “My Grandfather was with the fire department for 54 years. My Grandmother passed last night. The firemen stopped by to show their solidarity.”

18. “I lost my baby and a friend made me a bear with the same size and weight.”

“I’m so happy they are a comfort for you and I’m glad I was able to help out. They were a truly touching pair to make.”

19. Is he the best boss in the world?

“Yesterday the owner of my company noticed that the shoes I had on were worn through and the jeans I had on had holes in them. I was planning on getting a new pair of each on my next paycheck. Today he took me to Costco and bought me 2 new pairs of shoes, 4 new pairs of jeans, and some food.”

20. A beautiful gesture

“I’ve been growing out my hair for 3 years after I first heard you can give them to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. Today was the day to cut it all off, send it in and start over again. Hopefully I can make as much kids as possible happy with a new set of hair.”

21. “My mother-in-law passed unexpectedly yesterday morning. Her and my wife were supposed to go get haircuts together soon, so my wife went to get one just to get out of the house. When she went to pay they told her someone else had paid for it and left this note on the back of the receipt.”

Sometimes a small gesture can make someone else’s day. Have you done any good deeds lately? Which ones?

Preview photo credit TheTopHatSideShow / Reddit


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