15 Cool Things That’ll Stop Any Woman in Her Tracks

year ago

The modern market of goods and services is very competitive. You can actually get almost anything you want in different versions. And this is especially true for women. But even among this wide range of products, there are things that can make any woman want to have them right here and right now.

“My college has toiletries for women in the bathroom which I’ve never seen anywhere else.”

“The packaging for my pads is cat-themed.”

“My new dress has some little sneaky clips between the buttons to hold it closed where boobs normally make buttons sit open.”

Plain water and water for women. They have different pH levels.

“This tampon packaging appeals to PMS’ing women.”

“I was getting tired of scrunchies everywhere so I made a dinosaur scrunchie holder.”

“This store has tags so you know what size the mannequins are wearing.”

“The cake I got made for my wife.”

“I wanted to make a bra top I could wear outside. I think it turned out pretty well!”

“This hair product with a bra on the box”

“My first ‘big’ project is an ear-warmer with a mask holder for my wife.”

“These dummy electronic placeholders to ‘size’ things up in a store selling purses and bags”

“The hotel I’m staying at has a separate towel for makeup.”

“This lipstick has a secret compartment containing lip gloss in the same color as the lipstick.”

“I took my wife’s measurements and drafted my own pantie pattern.”

Preview photo credit unknown / Reddit


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