20 Furry Best Friends Who Blossomed into Huge Lovebugs

2 years ago

Witnessing the growth of an animal — from little beans to strong furballs — is an absolute privilege. Especially if they’re your best friend. Getting to watch them grow into their ears or seeing how their personality develops is fascinating, even for those looking from the outside. Fortunately, social media allows everyone to live these moments together.

Now I’ve Seen Everything recommends you grab a box of tissues to see these pet transformations. It’s going to get emotional!

1. “365 days later and my little nugget isn’t so little anymore.”

2. “The lapdog grew bigger.”

3. “Same sofa. 3 years apart”

4. “Chico has grown too fast.”

5. “Somebody put miracle grow in my puppy’s food, I swear.”

6. From teeny-weeny to massive in just 2 years

7. “My grandma’s pup, Bruce, did a big grow.”

8. “Still loves to sit on my shoulder.”

9. “My husband shrunk and my dog grew.”

10. “My boy then and now. He did not appreciate me trying to recreate this photo.”

11. “8 weeks to 18 months. Nobody warned me that sassiness grows with age.”

12. “5 years later and still my best co-pilot.”

13. “I love that the cat has the exact same expression as a kitten and an adult!”

14. She looks identical, but we can’t say the same about the dog.

15. “When we first took her home and 22 years later. A right old crow!”

16. “From 5 weeks old when adopted to 1 year old today”

17. “We thought Izzy would grow into her Disney princess eyes. She has not, to say the least.”

18. “Our German Shepherd grew up so fast!”

19. “From a smol pupper to a big ol’ doggo”

20. Growing up together

Do you have a photo of your pet as a puppy or kitten? We’d love to see it!

Preview photo credit tgriff1991 / Reddit


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