20+ Haircut Before and After Photos

2 years ago

These bold guys decided to make a radical change and cut off their hair only to prove they can easily pull off any hairstyle.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admire people who are not afraid to freshen up their looks. And we invite you to check out these fellas who are rocking both longer and shorter hair.

“I’ve been growing my hair out since January of 2018, and this week I finally chopped it all off and donated it!”

First of all, it is such a beautiful solution to donate your hair for a good cause after growing it out for so long. Second of all, this before and after hair cutting example is so impressive! This guy opened up his entire face and, it might be just us, but we think even his smile looks different after this transformation. Wearing the same t-shirt is also adding a certain factor to the entire collage.

“A buzzcut just took me from Juan to Drake?”

This guy took the words right out of our mouths. The second we saw him, we thought to ourselves: “Is that Drake?”. Awesome haircut makeover, even though this guy was very handsome in his before pics as well. But we absolutely love when people are not afraid to experiment with their hair and provide us with a lot of inspiration.

“Before and after”

We see two completely different people in these before and after hair cutting photos. If there is anyone out there rocking the Jesus look, they should definitely consider giving shorter hair a go. He looks so much more out together and his eyes are sparkling! There is no excuse to have anything on his head that would distract from his gorgeous eyes, so we are happy he made the necessary change.

“I chopped off 1.5 years of hair growth!”

He went from a cute boy to a handsome man in a matter of minutes. All it took was some proper grooming. We love how he chooses to style his short hair. Who would have known his hair can do that after it used to look all lifeless and floppy?

“I got plenty of ideas on how to cut my long hair. How did I do?”

We say he did splendidly. There is something so attractive about shaved sides on men, we love that it is a hair trend going around right now. While his hair was not particularly long, somehow, the new haircut makes his before and after photos look so impressive. Even his entire face shape looks different. He definitely made the right choice.

“I had long hair for 4 years, and there you are. I feel great!”

Can you just imagine the faces of his friends and family when this guy first showed up with this haircut? And that is after four years of rocking long and gorgeous locks! They must have been shocked at his before and after look. We must say his hair looked pretty spectacular when it was long. And yet, he just looks right with shorter hair. Now there is a perfect match between his face and hairstyle.

“I finally decided to chop the flow and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

This transformation makes us speechless, like, what? This guy just went to a perfect 100. If there is anyone out there who is hesitant about cutting their hair, please do not be. The guy on the right can easily be a model. He even looks younger, don’t you think? We will be for sure lining up to get a date along with what we are sure are hundreds of girls.

“My chances of going on a date have increased tremendously.”

We would say his chances of getting a date were pretty good even before the haircut, but we will agree that those chances skyrocketed now. With that kind of bone structure, any guy should be opening his face and let it take the wheel. Beautiful cheekbones, eyes, full lips, what is not to like here? Also he has such a pretty blond hair color, we are obsessed.

“A few days ago, I suddenly wanted to change radically.”

Why is it that when guys have curly hair, somehow it ends up looking amazing when it is shorter? It is probably connected to texture and overall shape. Just look at this before and after, the guy’s haircut is totally working wonders for him. He looks much more put together and presentable. Also his brown eyes are absolutely gorgeous.

“I finally decided to go to the barber after a period of no self-care.”

Self-care is so important! This guy is a perfect example. We do not mean to be rude, but it is pretty obvious that he was not taking care of himself. We are not even sure he was washing his hair. But now, after cutting it off, getting it styled properly, he has become a total catch! Even his posture is much more confident. That is what self love does, never underestimate it.

“I had doubts about my long hair. I took the plunge and got it cut and couldn’t feel any better!”

We understand, we all sometimes feel very attached to our hair, like without it we would be naked. This guy showed that there is a strong emotional factor in deciding to get a hair makeover. We are very proud of him for taking that leap of faith and getting rid of his maine. He look absolutely smoldering now!

“I took the plunge and got my hair cut.”

Yet another curly-haired stunner, who looks much better with shorter hair! We also detect some hair gel that is probably keeping all that frizz at bay. Getting your haircut is only half the effort, styling and maintaining is another side of that makeover coin. But we are happy that he kept the mustache, it is iconic. And look how much happier he is now!

“I just cut my hair after 18 months of growing it out.”

The comment above said it best. This guy just went from Aladdin to Prince Ali by simply getting a haircut. He got rid of his long hair and set an example for everyone else. We think he looks so much cuter without his fluffy hair taking the attention away from his face. Ladies, one at the time, please!

“The shorter hair definitely looks better. Good decision!”

Good decision indeed! Frankly, we like him on the both before and after pics. Somehow, he looks younger with his shorter hair, and we are digging it. And the good thing is that he can always go back to his long hair and then cut it again if he feels like it, because he looks great either way. That is actually a perfect solution for transitioning from winter to summer and vice versa. No need to wear a hat in cold weather with such luscious locks!

“I’ve had a big change.”

This guy managed to travel in time by getting his longer hair cut. On the left, he looks like a member of a punk-rock band from mid 2000s, while on the right we have a modern young man, who is rocking his newfound confidence. The hair even looks lighter, and we know there are many ladies out there who are into blond guys.

“You look like Post Malone, only without face tattoos.”

We definitely see some resemblance with Post Malone on this guy. The only thing is, this guy is more handsome. But he can totally cosplay for Halloween! On a more serious note, we love how he did not only cut his hair, but also trimmed his beard. He looks much more interesting, even though, in our opinion, he looked cute with long hair too. Still, we love impressive before and after photos!

“Fantastic! Both styles are great, but the short one suits you well.”

We totally agree with the caption, he used to look like a prince with his longer hair. As if he stepped out of a novel. But there is something more organic about shorter hair, as if he has gained more confidence. We can also bet that it probably feels more comfortable. So, either way, a handsome young man!

“I was so scared, but the feedback has been amazing and I love it!”

Oh man, someone just got a hundred times more attractive! We also agree with the comment, this guy is jaw-droppingly handsome. Yet again a case where hiding a perfect bone structure behind hair. Frankly, it feels like we are looking at two different people. He even looks way more confident, the look in his eye went from “hey, I am a nice guy, care to grab some coffee?”, to “hey baby girl, I am going to rock your world.” We want to be first in line by the way.

“Wow! The difference is crazy!”

Based on the same T-shirt, we are going to assume the before and after photos were taken on the same day. And all we can say is we do not buy it is the same person. We are kidding of course, his eyes are too unique to get mistaken for someone else’s. But that is besides the point. The change is crazy here! We see an instant boost of confidence, we can tell he likes what he is seeing just as much as we do.

“You went from 1975 to 1994.”

The comment is spot on! The guy on the left looks like your everyday high school kid, when the guy on the right can easily pass for one of the Harvard students. The new haircut is super classy and goes great with that shirt. Lovely transformation.

“I said goodbye to my long hair.”

  • Really nice change! You’re gifted with a strong jawline and your long hair distracted from that. © Sevuhrow / Reddit

Thank you, whoever wrote that comment above, that is what we have been saying all along. Do not distract from your impressive jawline with shaggy hair. This guy said goodbye to his long hair and said goodbye to his new dashing self. We are feeling very welcoming of it as well. Bravo!

“New cut, new me”

Once again, we are kind of feeling both the before and after pics. But, of course, if we had to choose, then the guy on the right takes the cake. The hair looks so well-groomed and styled. It is great to see he is putting so much effort into making his hairstyle look good.

“Finally took the plunge and got my chops cut after 6 years.”

Aww, this guy has such a cute smile! And now, with his shorter hair, it is on full display, we love it, great choice.

“No more damaged hair.”

We really admire that this guy experimented with his hair, even tried doing some color! We admire even more that he realized that a change was needed and chopped off his damaged hair. Now, we have a gorgeous before and after example on our hands, and we are sure his hands are full with endless dates.

Have you ever experimented with your look? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ComebackKidGorgeous / Reddit


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