18 Photos of Failed Designs That Will Make Anyone Cry for Help

2 years ago

A business logo that most people think is a piece of cake to design can take anywhere from 10 to 30+ hours to finish. But of course that’s when a designer spends a lot of time and thought on it. That is definitely not the case with everyone designing and building things around us. Some people are in such a hurry to finish their job that they don’t care about the outcome.

People on the internet shared the worst designs they’ve stumbled upon and Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks they are way too good to not share with the world.

1. Privacy? What’s that?

2. “For that dipped in mud look.”

3. “This is what my pavement marking contractor tried to submit to me for approval.”

4. “I hope they have a room for good employees as well.”

5. “This really weird toilet seat at my best friend’s mom’s house.”

6. “Door lock died. Can’t replace the batteries unless I take either of the locks off.”

7. “This is the library at my college. Shelves are right around a support beam that are nearly impossible to get to.”

8. “My wife got a new measuring cup. Not only do the measurements make no sense, but they’re also just plain wrong.”

9. “If only there was a letter resembling the shape of the Eiffel Tower they could’ve used.”

10. “These shorts that look like they are stained.”

11. “Low window directly behind a toilet”

12. “This door will never be opened. Found in an Austrian Spa.”

13. “Privacy? Never heard of her. Only showers with full viewing windows in this house.”

14. “Got this new hoodie and everybody has asked me why I am wet and I have to tell them it’s just the design of the hoodie...”

15. “The #9 position”

16. None of the dinosaurs are different!

17. “My grandparent’s carpeted bathroom”

18. Your hips will love this.

Have you ever witnessed a design that was so bad you started laughing hysterically? If so, please tell us all about it.

Preview photo credit _ThatSynGirl_ / reddit


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