20 Men Who Switched From Short Hair to Fiercely Flowing Locks

2 years ago

Men everywhere are breaking away from gender stereotypes. The short hair is being ditched for glorious manes of all lengths and shapes. From wearing gorgeous high buns to accessorizing with hats and even flowers, nothing can stop these guys from looking more fabulous than ever.

Now I’ve Seen Everything shows you a group of men with fearless hair styling choices.

1. “My hair journey”

2. Talk about a glow-up.

3. “Growing for 2.5 years from a skin-faded pompadour. No plans of stopping anytime soon.”

4. “Usually I rock curls, but straight is fun too.”

5. Bob Ross is smiling down on this guy.

6. “Got a good portion chopped off...but I had to leave some flow.”

7. “Caught during golden hour.”

8. “I didn’t think that having long hair would make me look so different!”

9. “My hair feels really soft and touchable.”

10. “Hello my fellow long haired dudes.”

11. “Some Pacific curls for you guys.”

12. “Haven’t shortened my hair in 4 years, with my whole family telling me to cut it constantly.”

13. “I was thinking my hair wasn’t growing, then I see these pictures and can see the progress.”

14. “More fierce than flow.”

15. “How do I manage helmet hair? I let it fly free in the wind.”

16. “Finally at the length I’ve wanted since forever. Also makes for great insulation on colder days.”

17. “It took 6 years of hating haircuts!”

18. “Woke up with great hair. Have had longish hair for 20 years, and it rarely looks this good.”

19. “I struggled with having grays at a young age. 3 years ago, I decided to stop using dye and let my hair grow.”

20. “A year and 10 months of growth.”

What hairstyle do you prefer on men? Longer or shorter hair?

Preview photo credit cobiusblack / Reddit


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