15+ People Who Found True Bargains While Shopping at Thrift Stores

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When we need to buy anything, we typically search for ways to save money by scouring thrift stores or looking for offers. If you like bargain hunting, you’ll definitely agree that chance plays a significant factor in whether or not you find something. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get a true treasure for next to nothing, if at all. The charm of thrift shops is evident, so there is no turning back once you become addicted to thrifting.

1. “Just thrifted these diamond earrings for $6,99. They were appraised at $4,682.”

2. “This vintage Gucci bag I found at the thrift for $80 — cleaned it up, and I’m going to gift it to my mom this Christmas.”

3. “Christian Dior dress for $15, fits me perfectly.”

4. “In love with these gold earrings!”

5. “My husband says I’m a thrift witch — I went in today to look for perler beads and came out with a $600 Gucci handbag. Oh, and some perler beads.”

6. “Found this unmarked 18k gold and sapphire pin for $2.”

7. “Picked this up at a flea market last weekend. 10k gold and natural opal.”

8. “I have no words for what I did today. I’ve been imagining a PC built-in that clear section.”

9. “A Christmas miracle! Brand new Air Force 1 sneaker for $8 at an antique store!”

10. “These spring shoes I found at a thrift store many years ago.”

11. “Brand new Kindle!!! I got it for $1.99!! Crazy.”

12. “Got my wedding dress for free. It has actual boning, gold bird fabric, and pockets.”

13. “Looked up the tag and it’s a ’cloud dress’ inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress.”

14. “I found two 14k gold and 3 sterling silver rings in this $2.00 bag at an estate sale today!”

15. “I found $2,000 in cash in a thrifted suit pocket.”

16. “I found hundreds of love letters between a sailor and his wife from 1918.”

“They started out as a secret couple, then got married after a few months!”

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