20 Online Shoppers Who Got Nothing But Disappointment

2 years ago

It’s likely been about 27 years since the first online purchase ever. This kickstarted a whole movement of convenient and quick shopping. However, it was also the start of countless letdowns. Since then, people have ordered light bulbs and received a fidget spinner instead and these moments are often turned into hysterical anecdotes when they’re shared on Reddit.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gives you an opportunity to unwind with hilarious photos of failed online orders.

1. “Not the rings I was expecting.”

2. ’’The hiking boots I ordered online look a little different than the picture they provided.’’

3. “I couldn’t stop laughing when my blanket finally arrived.”

4. At least the design is the same.

5. “Some boots I ordered.”

6. ’’Ordered some Christmas cookie cutters.’’

7. ’’What I got vs What I ordered’’

8. “This patch I ordered.”

9. ’’What I ordered vs What I got’’

10. ’’I paid $135 for this mess.’’

11. ’’I ordered these boots on sale for 50% off. I received one shoe.’’

12. ’’I ordered a smart light bulb and got a fidget spinner in a light bulb box.’’

13. ’’My nephew’s faces on pillows for a Mother’s Day gift was a great idea in theory.’’

14. ’’I was going for ’boho chic’ but got ’tacky’ instead.’’

15. Definitely not the fearless expression they were going for.

16. “My friend bought this costume online and I’ve been laughing all day.”

17. ’’My partner was so happy she found a specific vinyl for $2.50. Turns out it’s for a dollhouse.’’

18. ’’Some friends from med school and I ordered like 60 of these.’’

19. ’’The way my son’s school supplies were packed and delivered"

20. ’’This was the topper on my son’s space-themed cake. On the left is what we ordered and on the right is what we got.’’

Which one of these online orders did you think was the most different from the way it was advertised? Have you personally ever had a surprising experience when shopping online?

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