It’s Not That Easy to Distinguish a Genuine Product From a Fake One (but We’ll Tell You How)

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Let’s imagine that you’ve been saving money for a few months to buy a designer piece of clothing from an online re-selling site or consignment store. But when you’re about to make that coveted purchase, you suddenly begin to doubt whether this item is actually original. It’s not that easy to distinguish a genuine item from a fake sometimes. But how do you spot a counterfeit? In this article, you can find a short guide that will help you avoid fraudsters.

1. Timberland boots

  • These boots should feel a bit weighty. Fake ones are usually a little lighter, as they are made from lower-quality materials.
  • The logo is located on the outer heel side of the shoes. The print is even, clear, and strictly vertical.
  • All stitching is in rows of 3, and they are evenly spaced.
  • Eyelets are evenly spaced and form a straight line. Laces are strong and non-frayed.

2. Louis Vuitton bags

  • The classic LV logo is symmetrical, and the font is neat, with equal spacing between the letters. The main pattern has a grained but even texture.
  • High-quality cut: perfectly even stitches are the same length, and all leather details are evenly cut and well-matched in order to not interrupt the main pattern.
  • Accessories are high quality, and zippers unfasten smoothly.
  • Each bag has a label with letters and numbers on it that specify where and when it was made. Sometimes this information can be embossed on the lining.

3. Pandora bracelets

  • Original bracelets have a deep color which is sometimes iridescent, while fake pieces are plain-colored.
  • A new original bracelet is rigid, and it softens a while later.
  • On real Pandora bracelets, the size of the clasp matches the size of the charms. There is always a crown over the “O” of Pandora on the front side of the clasp.
  • There is a trademark lock that looks like a clover on original bracelets. This lock is a small screw with 4 heads and serves to securely fasten the bracelet.
  • Charms and Muranos have an inscription with the brand name and the metal that they are made from. Murano beads don’t have chips, cracks, or air bubbles inside.
  • Pandora doesn’t use Swarovski crystals in Muranos.

4. New Balance sneakers

  • New Balance sneakers have a logo on the heel of the outside, the tongue, the sides of the shoes, the sole, and the insoles. The N-shaped logo on the side of the shoe is a patch (and in counterfeits, this is often a mirrored letter N).
  • The original shoes have a soft foam sole that quickly regains its shape after being squeezed.

5. Levi’s jeans

  • Original Levi’s denim has a pronounced diagonal rib.
  • The back pockets of the original jeans have a 2-stitch pattern that resembles an eagle’s beak.
  • All Levi’s jeans have a rectangular faux leather or compressed cardboard patch at the waist, above the right back pocket. The patch contains the logo, slogan, size, and model number, as well as the picture of horses trying to rip a pair of jeans.
  • The tab on the right back pocket can be red or another color (depending on the collection). It has the inscription Levi’s or sometimes the letter R inside a circle.
  • Metal buttons are marked Levi Strauss on the front side and the model number on the back. Rivets also have the brand name on the front.

6. Michael Kors bags

  • The brand uses only white top tags that contain basic information about the bag: product number, shade, material, parameters, dollar value, and special barcode.
  • All accessories from the original bags have an engraving with the brand name. You can find it on the magnetic clips, handle rings, clasps, and fasteners.
  • The clasp of the bag is made of metal, it has a stopper, thanks to which the slider can’t come off the zipper.
  • Every bag has double stitching, which is always even.
  • The stitching on the lining is also double with a signature triangle at the end of the sewn line.

7. Converse sneakers

  • The brand logo on a Chuck Taylor signature patch is located on the inner side of the high-top sneakers, as it was initially designed to protect the ankle. The color of the logo may vary depending on the design of the model, and sometimes a rubber patch is used instead of a fabric one. Some other models have the logo on the outside of the tongue, containing only the brand name, the words “All Stars,” and a star between them.
  • At the back of the rubber sole, there is an additional rubber patch with the brand logo. Shoes manufactured prior to 2008 have the trademark symbol ® under the brand logo. However, shoes from newer collections don’t have it.
  • The information about the model, printed on the back of the tongue, should be clear and even, the stitching should be even too.
  • The rubber outsole of the original Converse sneakers has a pattern on the sides: diagonal lines at the top, a crisscrossed diamond pattern at the middle, and a smaller diamond pattern at the bottom. There are no traces of glue on the joints. Fake shoes usually have bigger toe capsize than genuine sneakers.
  • Original Converse sneakers are sold laced up.

8. AirPods

  • Stickers on the box. There are usually several stickers confirming the originality of earphones, which contain information about the place of production, support for operating systems, and the serial number of the device. Counterfeits may not have stickers at all, or all the information may be printed on a single sticker.
  • AirPods case. All the elements should be tightly pressed against each other. Counterfeits often have a gap between the cover and the case. The serial number on the box should match the serial number on the AirPods.
  • AirPods. The grid of the original earphones is rigid and large, while on the counterfeits, they may use fabric. The contacts that are used for recharging are neat, and there are no signs of wear. The serial numbers on the left and right original earphones are different.

9. Ray-Ban sunglasses

  • There is the Ray-Ban logo in the upper corner of the right lens, it is engraved on the surface of the glass, so it can’t be removed.
  • The temple arms of the sunglasses should have the brand name on the outside. Also, the left temple arm usually has the product’s serial number, and the right one says where the item was made.
  • Real Ray-Bans always come with a branded case and a branded cleaning cloth.

10. Apple Watch

  • The packaging of the original Apple Watch is made of high-quality thick cardboard without any defects. The box must have the inscription and the logo. The kit must include a wireless charger, the gadget, and 2 straps of different sizes.
  • The original has 4 sensors on the back side of the watch. Charging a genuine watch is based on magnetic induction without connecting any wires to the gadget. It works entirely on wireless technology. Charging a fake watch may go through a Micro-USB cable. Another sign of a fake is a slot for a SIM card or a Micro-SD memory card.
  • The original watch has removable universal straps. This means that you can easily use a strap from another original watch.
  • The original Apple Watches have Apple software. Counterfeits may have different software, and some features may be missing.

11. Chanel perfume

  • The font on the label is perfectly even, there are no scuffs on the gold color.
  • All elements are symmetrical relative to each other. For example, the spray bottle opening is aligned with the small brand logo below it.
  • The cap sits tightly on the bottle, there is no gap between them.
  • The color of the fake perfume is usually darker. And if you have an original perfume, you can easily read the text printed on the back of the front sticker.
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