20 People Who Got Off on the Right Foot and Found Treasures in Thrift Stores

2 years ago

Many people go to thrift stores to do their shopping, and they’ve managed to find some amazing things there at rock-bottom prices. You don’t have to be an expert on the subject to locate something worthwhile; with a little patience, exploration, and some luck, it could also happen to you.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we found some users who shared their lucky finds after scouring flea markets.

1. “Found this in the dumpster of my local thrift shop this morning... I already tested it, and it’s real. It is marked and tested as 14k gold and weighs 36.5 grams. I’m super excited.”

2. “Can’t believe I found this authentic vintage Christian Dior bag... for $3.00!!! 🤩 Excited to clean it up nicely & use it this summer 😭”

3. “An original James Hendricks abstract 12.99 At the Salvation Army.”

4. “A gorgeous 1940s jewelry box I found yesterday!”

5. “Probably my best find ever. Antique platinum, diamond, and blue sapphire ring $19.99.”

6. “Flea market find, 5 bucks...Sheaffer pen ’for a proper lady’ 14k gold nib.”

7. “Thank you Goodwill... $3 per ring both marked 950PT which means the stones are most likely real diamonds.”

8. “Okay I know I’ve said this before and I know I’ll probably say this again, but I think I just made my best find. Found a little money pouch with a bunch of old money in it.”

9. “Tonight I found a woman’s solid ivory hair brush and a man’s TIFFANY & Co. sterling silver shaving brush.”

10. “Found this 1996 Madeline doll for my daughter — only $0.99!”

  • I’m due in a month with our first kid, so it’s going to be a few years before she gets any enjoyment out of this... But I couldn’t pass it up when I saw this doll in the Goodwill clearance section! It’s in wonderful condition, too, for being 25 years old. A quick clean and she’s looking good as new! © NormalReedus / Reddit

11. “4k, ruby and diamond bracelet (stamped and tested) I got for $15. I just kept saying ’no way’ over and over.”

12. “$0.25 flea market find today. All marked sterling.”

13. “14K white gold and diamond bracelet for $3! Found at a very limited entry mask-required estate sale. Exciting!”

14. “I found this Chinese snuff bottle at Goodwill for $3. I’ve already taken it to a local dealer who specializes in Chinese artifacts, who examined it and checked the metal. It is original, the dealer believes it is early to mid 1700s, and the metal is silver, between 70 and 85% pure. I am super happy.”

15. “Authentic vintage Louis Vuitton bag with all accessories for $6.99 at Goodwill, would’ve easily been sold for $1500-2000.”

16. “I did not realize until I got home and looked closer that these sunglasses were vintage (made in West Germany) and gold filled.”

17. “$20 for this and a bike rack”

18. “It was 50% off day making these $3.50, no wear on the soles at all, and they fit me perfectly.”

19. “$1.50 thrift shop find. 18 inch, 925 sterling silver, Silpada necklace with a cultured pearl.”

20. “15 bucks for the pair at an antique shop. Sterling and turquoise. The bolo was originally a ring that someone modified (bent the band into a flattened loop).”

What is the most valuable or peculiar thing you have found in a thrift store that has exceeded your expectations?

Preview photo credit UrbanRelicHunter / Reddit


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