15+ Times People Proved Their Creativity Is Illimitable

2 years ago

People’s intelligence and creativity have always been the power moving our progress further. Nowadays, it’s not only scientists that can use their brain to make something useful, but anyone, and internet users prove it time and time again. It can be a sponge holder that looks like Sponge Bob Square Pants, a magic mirror, or simply a clever way to pack the presents for your loved ones.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admire their witty minds and want to share their wonderful ideas with you.

1. This sponge holder

2. “Saw this lamp online somewhere and wanted to make it myself as a present.”

3. “We all need this sign.”

4. “Found this wax warmer for $4 at a local charity shop. I didn’t realize how cool it was till I turned it on!”

5. A kitchen sink accessory to easily wash bottles and glasses.

6. “Birthday gifts wrapped for a 1-year-old, 5-year-old, and Mom.”

7. An Itsukushima Shinto shrine appears on the dish when sauce is poured on it.

8. “My first self-made bookshelf insert — it’s not perfect, but I love looking at it.”

9. This little inlaid table is also a music box.

10. “I made a vacuum fluorescent display clock from scratch.”

11. “Found this finger hook at a bookstore.”

12. “I made a toolbox that opens when you set it down and push on the handle and closes when you pick it back up.”

13. “I’m at a townie bar in rural Wisconsin, they have a headrest at the urinals in the men’s room.”

14. “I made a thing for my entryway with a magic mirror, wireless charger, mail sorter, key holder, and 200-year-old reclaimed wood.”

15. “The gates will be up for a couple of years, so I wanted them to look nicer than the standard plastic ones.”

16. “A little project I did this weekend: it’s a ramp for my buddy’s dog.”

17. “Floating Death Star bluetooth speaker”

Which of these things did you like the most? Maybe there’s something you’ve just found out about and now you really want it.


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