18 Lucky People Who Didn’t Expect Much but Received a True Gem

9 months ago

We are ready to argue that everyone has had cases when a purchase turned out worse than expected. But have you had the opposite: when a purchase is so good that it exceeds even the boldest expectations? Our heroes were incredibly lucky.

“Commissioned an artist to paint my dog. Thrilled at the result!”

“Pic given to local baker on the left, actual Hungry Unicorn cake I received on the right. I like my cake better!”

“Expectation and Reality: Japanese convenience store sweets”

“Tasted surprisingly nice for the price! Only 90p! (~$1.04)”

Pretty good, right?

“Left: what I ordered — Right: what I got”

“I ordered pizza from a vending machine today, and sometimes reality exceeds all expectations.”

“Ordered from the grocery store. Cupcake ’cake’ for my daughter’s birthday. Pleasantly surprised!”

“Honestly, pretty good!”

“One of the few cases where reality exceeds expectations.”

“I’ve seen many disappointing sandwiches posted, so I wanted to give a positive report on this cold tuna cheddar.”

“Not bad at all. Even the number of tomatoes was the same.”

“Way to go, Walmart!”

Almost the same

“Reality was way better than expectation!”

“Ordered the blanket from a website. They nailed it!”

“This photo made me want to go to Banff and recreate it, so I did.”

“This is my first time buying a 2-piece in 35 years and I did not expect to look better than Adobe Photoshop!”

Such cases are not the rule but a pleasant exception. Much more often, the product doesn’t match what is shown in advertisements. These people experienced this firsthand.

Preview photo credit Chef4disney / Reddit


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