20+ People Who Let Their Creativity Run Free and Created Masterpieces

2 years ago

Some fabric, a little bit of glue, an avocado pit, balloons, some colors here and there — they can turn an ordinary thing into something worthy of being displayed in a gallery. People use materials, add some patience, and sprinkle creative dust over their work and come up with things that make us want to exclaim, “That’s so cool!”

If you’re in need of some inspiration, Now I’ve Seen Everything has got you covered — check out the next group of artsy people and their beautiful creations.

1. “I turned my son’s jacket into a coat for our puppy.”

2. “I recreated Beth Harmon’s dress from The Queen’s Gambit.”

3. “Prom dress to ball gown refashion!”

4. “Built my girlfriend’s daughter a kitchen playset for Christmas. Bedtime has been a battle ever since.”

5. “Made this hot air balloon for my daughter’s first birthday!”

6. “I made my first armor ever, and it was easier than it looks!”

7. “In an effort to beat prenatal depression, I decided to bond with my baby through a knitted project.”

8. “As a first-time woodworker, this was my first project. Cat bowl boards!”

9. “I carve avocado pits and make necklaces like these.”

10. “A Secret Santa gift for my mom — she’s hard to shop for but loves and appreciates handmade things!”

11. “I made my old girl a sofa to people-watch from.”

12. “Got inspired to make a wooden burger puzzle for my nephew!”

13. “A handmade tulip gourd lamp”

14. “Early Xmas tree decorations I’ve made!”

15. “Made a climbing wall in the basement for my kids.”

16. “Took me forever to make those pompoms, and the result is amazing.”

17. “Made my sister a wooden chest with the Harry Potter book collection in it!”

18. “Finally done with my version of the strawberry dress.”

19. “I made a jewelry case for Christmas for my girlfriend.”

20. “I made a paper-mache hot air balloon into a hanging planter.”

21. “I made a temperature Blanket for a friend’s daughter.”

22. “Took me around 8 hours. I drew the design, then embroidered over it.”

23. “I made these huge paintings for my first solo exhibition.”

Do you like creating things with your own hands? What kinds of crafts do you do? We’d love to see photos of your work in the comments.

Preview photo credit ApeCityGirl / Reddit


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