25 People Proudly Show the Repairs They Made at Home on Their Own

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For some people, drilling or hammering is a piece of cake; for others, not so much. However, they don’t give up and try their best to keep their home in tip-top condition. Sometimes, this means becoming experts and making the restorations that their nest needs, no matter how big or how difficult.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we celebrate people’s creativity. That’s why we compiled examples of people who modified their homes with their bare hands as well as lots of imagination!

1. “My wife was gone for the day, so I destroyed the half wall and made a big mess. I don’t know carpentry and I had never done anything like this before, I just had a blueprint in my head.”

2. “Renovated the pantry while my girlfriend was away for a long weekend.”

3. “Renovated my bathroom”

4. “Mom and I made a wall less boring.”

5. Turned a half-wall into a beautiful bookshelf

6. “Cheap ship lap wall”

7. “My Grandpa and I renovated a 100-year-old house together.”

8. “Wife wanted an entertainment wall... challenge accepted.”

9. “Wife and I decided to do an accent wall in our kitchen.”

10. It is certainly a very original way to add light to the house.

11. “Wall mount tv on stone wall with remodel of living room.”

12. “Renovated my great-great-grandma’s small farmhouse that’s been abandoned for 30+ years.”

13. “I had a bad tenant. After a lot of work and cleaning, I was able to get the place ready to rent again.”

14. “Let’s renovate this kitchen.”

15. “Bought my first house at the age of 28. Decided to renovate the living room to change the dated look that hadn’t been updated since the mid ’90s.”

16. “First project pallet wall”

17. “First, we remove all the drywall and replace it with wood.”

18. “It took me 4 days to do it.”

19. He had to replace a valve and repurposed the hole in the wall to make a library.

20. “Finally, I cut a hole in the wall, I’ve wanted to do that since I arrived. It’s amazing what a difference it makes.”

21. “Dad and I renovated the kitchen in my new apartment.”

22. “I renovated my guest bathroom for about $1600 in 3 weeks.”

23. “I completely renovated my tiny little kitchen with hardly any money, equipment, or skill.”

24. “Moldy bathroom from the ’60s gets renovated.”

25. “My girlfriend and I renovated our 100+ year-old farm house hallway for under $400.”

Are you good at DIYs? What part of your house needs to be redone? Which parts have you renovated on your own?

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