16 Kids Who Have Their Own Unique Way of Thinking

2 years ago

Children look at the world around them through the lens of curiosity and innocence. Maybe this is the reason why everything seems to spark their interest and creativity. With that in mind, sometimes their way of thinking might look a bit weird to adults, who are used to doing things “the right way.”

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything would like you to see life in the joyful way kids do, and hopefully, these photos will help you with that.

“Apparently, my child thinks an apple will charge his tablet.”

“Playing hide-and-seek with my sister”

“My little brother eats dinner in front of a picture of himself every night.”

“Not sure who’s worse: my kids for not shutting the door or me for not making sure it got shut.”

“Paper clips are hard...”

“I got stuck in a stool in seventh grade.”


“She asked me to hide her dolls. She didn’t specify where but thinks I hid them in the sandbox. She’s dumping out all of her sand. They’re hiding in the dollhouse.”

“I’m helping my mom clean out my little sister’s room, and we found this ball with toys glued to it.”

“Best place to put the Switch to charge?”

“My 5-year-old niece decided to rearrange the items on the family fridge.”

“Help!! My son may be a psychopath. This is him eating a banana.”

“Playing hide-and-seek... She thought I’d think she was a painted statue.”

“Today, my 8-year-old took branch cutters to the AC unit just because he likes tools and tinkering. Bye-bye, free-on.”

“It won’t come off.”

“He thought he was putting sugar on his pumpkin pie. It was salt. He still ate all of his pie.”

If you were a kid again for a day, what things would you like to do?

Preview photo credit Cake-Free / Reddit


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