20 People Who Needed a Serious Sweetener After Their Day

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Life is a roller coaster of emotions. Not all of them are pleasant or desirable. But we can always use the unfortunate events we face as valuable lessons or even make a funny story out of them, even when our luck runs out. Eventually, we must remember that nothing is permanent, and we must make the most of every moment by choosing to look on the bright side of every situation.

1. ’’Don’t let your child use your laptop.’’

2. ’’My boyfriend decided to try out a new hairdresser.’’

3. ’’My doorknob broke off.’’

4. ’’This is what we got served for lunch today at school.’’

5. ’’A badminton bat handle dissolving in my hand’’

6. ’’There were tracks on my driveway. I live in a wooded community and go out to the bus alone at 6 AM.’’

7. ’’$300 leather shoes, wore them for the first time today.’’

8. ’’This $5 lunch wrap that is mostly tortilla’’

9. ’’When you quickly open your envelope out of excitement’’

10. “First overseas flight in 9 years! Paid extra for a window seat, so I can see everything.”

11. ’’My biggest fear actually happened.’’

12. ’’I’m a bank teller and I went to work like this today and didn’t notice until after lunch.’’

13. “Found a toilet full of vegetables at Pearson International Airport.”

14. ’’I came home and found my laptop completely wet because I left the window open.’’

15. ’’So you thought the roofer’s hand tan was bad...’’

16. ’’My orange was just skin inside.’’

17. ’’I’m allergic to cats and slept on a cat blanket.’’

18. “I think my mom is allergic to hair coloring...”

19. “My husband got scalp edema from a severe sunburn.”

20. “I didn’t wear bug spray today. I think I should have.”

Think things can’t get worse? Think again! This piques curiosity by suggesting the next article deals with even more extreme misfortune.

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