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2 years ago

How to organize knicks and knacks? As minimalism becomes more and more popular, one thing we can all learn from it is that we don’t need as much stuff as we think we do. People all around the world have shared their tips on how to declutter and maximize storage space. After all, an organized home is a great place to spend our time after a long day at work.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wanted to share some organizational tips you can use to turn your home into a cozier, tidier, more peaceful place.

“I found the coolest organization hack for my hats, and I save so much space now.”

If this isn’t the perfect way to do a knick knack display, we don’t know what is. This solution allows you to arrange your things without looking cluttered. And it gives you complete freedom in doing so! You can do it by color, size, brand, it’s up to you.

“I got this frog biscuit tin today, but since I don’t have any biscuits and my boyfriend has no bathroom storage, she’s now my period product holder.”

This particular idea can help you to stay discreet with your personal items in case guests come over and it livens up the whole interior! Just make sure to keep your curious visitors from looking inside your secret stash. It can also hold on to your living room knick knacks, so that you’ll never have to deal with a messy coffee table again.

“My electronics have now become so much more accessible.”

This idea is exactly how to display knick knacks without looking cluttered. We all know how annoying all these wires and small electronic accessories can be, especially when you’re looking for something specific. No more rummaging through a million tiny things, with these transparent pockets it’s a breeze!

“For people who live alone and have little to no storage in their bathrooms: I got a cute basket to hold lots of TP to put next to the toilet because nobody is going to hand it to me if I forget.”

Yay for no more embarrassingly asking for more toilet paper! You’re your own toilet paper king and no one can take that away from you. Just don’t forget to fill that basket regularly.

“Such a better use of space above my washer and dryer”

Did someone ask for knick knack shelf ideas? We got you. All of your household cleaning supplies can be neatly tucked away in this handy-dandy storing shelves. You can organize stuff by theme and never spend another minute looking for things you need. Also they come in different colors!

“Unpacking and organizing the kitchen tonight, and I started under the sink.”

Do you see those hanging bottles? An ideal solution to when you don’t have enough shelf space, just hang them up! Now even space under the sink can be easy on the eyes.

“Closet shelf dividers are a game-changer!”

You know, no matter how neatly you try to stack piles of clothes, they somehow find a way to tangle with each other. But now, you can use dividers to make sure every pile stays within its perimeter.

“It’s my favorite little cart for between my desk and the wall. Great for storing all the beauty products I need!”

This little number can be a perfect display case for knick knacks that every girl would die for. Because no makeup case is ever big enough, isn’t that right?

“Someone gave me this tip before I got married — rolled towels. For some reason, it seems to stay neater!”

This hotel trick can come in real handy to towel enthusiasts. It looks nice and saves space, be right back, gotta try it.

“A new wall makeup organizer that gets everything off my countertops!”

Yet another addition to knick knack shelf ideas is right here. It doesn’t take too much space, but does a great job at holding on to your smallest beauty products that somehow always find a way to get lost. No more!

“You know those little plastic containers that razor refills come in? Turns out they make excellent organizers for miniature compacts/single shadows!”

As they say, one man’s trash is another woman’s makeup display. Genius!

“I doubled up on bathroom closet storage by using stackable drawers.”

For those complaining they don’t have enough space, check out this arrangement. It’s affordable and allows you to make the most out of your storage room.

“Maximizing cabinet doors — spices go on the left and measuring spoons and cups go on the right.”

As for displaying knick knacks in the kitchen, what can be a better way than jars? Not only do they let us see the goodies inside, but they’re also highly customizable and cheap. Gordon Ramsay, you better watch you back!

“Using these PVC bags for games and puzzles is life-changing!”

No more losing pieces to your games and replacing them with random knick knacks! Elegant and life-changing.

When you don’t have enough space in your bathroom for all the bottles:

Doesn’t this setup make you excited about organizing knick knacks? There’s little to nothing more annoying than a cluttered bathroom, so this photo is heaven for our eyes. Everything has it’s place, from skincare products to deodorants, there’s even a small makeup section! When can we move in?

“This is how my grandfather kept his wrenches organized.”

It’s always a good reminder that arranging things by size isn’t only practical, but also easy on the eyes. The shelves themselves might have used some refurbishing, but often it’s the inside that matters. Plus, we love an organized man!

“Needed to organize my pen collection. A few cell phone boxes later, and I’m pleased with the results.”

Probably most of us had a cluttered shelf filled to the brim with various pens and pencils when we were in school. How great would it have been to know that there was a good way to handle our stationary? Now we know, and we can at least pass it to our children. Or just get a bunch of pens and organize them because that looks so satisfying!

“Combining my passion for makeup with science”

This little missy is packing brain and takes care of her looks! Then again, what is makeup if not a bunch of chemicals, so she’s not too far of. On a serious note, this is a wonderful idea to spice up your surroundings with something other than a mason jar.

Magnetic cable organization

This, this might be the most ingenious and simple one of all of these knick knack ideas. Use a magnet to hold USB wires, of course!

“I organized the drawer for watch bands.”

Very smart to take the idea of how to organize ties and apply it to watch bands! This can also work for bracelets and other knick knacks you might have lying around your house.

Which of these tips do you like the most? Do you have any life hacks for how to use space more efficiently?

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