19 Lucky People That Found Treasures for Pennies

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Today, it seems like there may not be many treasures left to find, but in thrift stores and flea markets, you can still find some unique things. Some people treat it like hunting and go to vintage markets in different countries, and others happen to find amazing things accidentally next to their homes.

1. “$1 garage sale find. Quirky umbrella storage.”

2. “My best thrift find ever, 18k gold necklace with 82 diamonds.”

It was in the showcase for $6.10 plus tax. I usually hit the jewelry counter first and then go look at other stuff, but as soon as I touched it I hopped in line and bought it and ran to my jewelry guy. My heart was beating fast! © TOMORROWS-FORECAST / Reddit

3. “My dream find — yellow Le Creuset Dutch oven in fantastic condition for free.”

I’m so excited about this find. It was in a small pile of free items left by a neighbor who moved. I almost didn’t look (even kept driving) but I’d caught a glimpse of what looked like a yellow Le Creuset (a pot that was on my actual Christmas wish list) out of the corner of my eye so I pulled over and walked back. The entire block back, I kept thinking, “Don’t get your hopes up, there’s no chance. It’s something else. It’s probably just some plastic container that looked similar from a distance... People do not just give away Le Creuset...” But someone did, I got so lucky. © gogingerpower / Reddit

4. “Found this dress in London. Literally $10 and wore to my friend’s wedding.”

5. If your pet needs to go on a diet, this bowl holder is just $9.

6. “This ‘Michael Jackson’ lamp I found at a thrift store”

7. Just a cabbage dog with leek legs.

8. “Is it weird that I really want this?”

9. “Bought some Halloween decor at a thrift store and now I can’t find my cat.”

10. “Found this little guy at a garage sale.”

11. “For the classicist who needs to charge 3 phones and a tablet.”

12. “My husband is a dentist, and I found this amazing Santa for him in an antique store.”

13. “Thanks for patching my hole, Grandma!”

14. You probably never thought you needed plastic Heinz pickles on a pin... Until you saw them.

15. “So I bought this for $3.50 on Amazon. Was very surprised when I opened it up...”

It’s Martin Luther King’s book, signed by him.

16. “Bought this at my local small town thrift store. I love him.”

I bought it for 50 cents, it’s Young Kokuyo. © padawanana / Reddit

17. “My first Montblanc pen (retail $425), found in an auction lot of office supplies for $4. A little beat up, but I’m really happy with this addition!”

18. “Paid $20 for this gorgeous design.”

19. “My diamond earrings”

Do you buy things at flea markets, or do you avoid them? The author of this article loves them and has a small jewelry collection from the ’30s through the ’50s.

Have you ever bought anything cool for pennies? Show us photos of these things, and we’ll put them in our next article!

Preview photo credit lunababa42069 / Reddit


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