20 People Who Proved That Interesting Finds Are All Around Us

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Scientists have estimated that there are about 8.7 million species of living things all over the world, but only 1.2 million have been identified so far. So there are definitely more things for us to discover about our environment. But we don’t have to encounter a new species to find something interesting around us. Because even simple things — like curious inventions or natural phenomena — can already trigger our sense of wonder.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 20 pictures from people who have proved that we can see and learn something new about our surroundings every day.

1. “An albino deer”

2. “I left my artichoke out of the fridge and it bloomed.”

3. “Goldfish ‘wheelchair’ for a fish that had trouble staying upright.”

4. “On the bus when...Double big toes!”

5. “Coworker took this pic of a bat at our office today.”

6. “This mutant sunflower with petals growing in the middle”

7. “Took a pic of my cat. She’s blinking, and her reflection is not.”

8. “So I cut my watermelon today”

9. “My dog thinks he’s a lap dog and crushed my poor colleague.”

10. “My new work partner (left) and me (right).”

11. “My new shoes apparently show dirt on the sole in a foot-bone pattern.”

12. “I found a tree growing through speed limit sign.”

13. “This is what you see when you turn your porch light on in Arkansas.”

14. “The shadow of this banana looks like a woman with long hair.”

15. “My onion has non-concentric rings and looks like a cabbage.”

16. “My light bulb burnt out in an interesting way.”

17. “This carrot baby won’t let go of its momma.”

18. “The pattern on this blanket doesn’t show up on an infrared camera.”

19. “Seriously, the most realistic looking banana car I’ve ever seen.”

20. “One of my eyes changed after receiving anesthetic drops.”

What is the pic that you found especially amusing? Have you encountered any interesting discoveries in your surroundings?


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