18 Parents Shared Photos That Prove Kids Can Fall Asleep Absolutely Anywhere

2 years ago

While adults can toss and turn all night long trying to find the most comfortable sleeping position, children definitely aren’t familiar with this problem. From toilet seats to staircase steps, these tired kids prove you don’t need a fancy bed to have a good night’s sleep.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have to admit we’re a bit jealous of these 18 kids who can catch their z’s just about anywhere.

1. “Our littlest was resisting her nap today. I really needed her to go to sleep so I could get some work done. I laid down next to her with the plan to sneak out after she fell asleep. Well, it turns out she outsmarted me.”

2. “He fell asleep in the middle of playing.”

3. “My daughter fell asleep on top of Peanut.”

4. “Daycare sent me this picture. Apparently, my son was very tired.”

5. “This is how my son fell asleep tonight. I’m jealous.”

6. “Not sure if she was trying to hide or be funny, but she fell asleep like this.”

7. “I give you my brother, circa 1989, who fell asleep whilst eating a ham sandwich!”

8. “My daughter fell asleep like this while watching a baseball game with me.”

9. “My son fell asleep on my head.”

10. “My son fell asleep jumping in his bouncer and kept jumping in his sleep.”

11. “My nephew fell asleep holding a puppy.”

12. “My 1-year-old son skipped his nap and fell asleep while eating dinner.”

13. “My nephew fell asleep like this. Not sure what he was doing...”

14. “My niece fell asleep mid-play.”

15. “The way my brother’s son fell asleep while he was watching cartoons with his bro”

16. “The position my kid fell asleep in”

17. “Son fell asleep while playing hide and seek.”

18. “My daughter fell asleep while eating Fazolis. Too much excitement after her first hair salon appointment.”

Has your kid ever fallen asleep right on the spot? What’s their favorite random sleeping place?

Preview photo credit JephriB / Reddit


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