20 People Who Were Reminded That Life Is an Ongoing Satirical Comedy

year ago

Most situations have a hilarious side to them, even the most unpleasant or unsettling ones. It is all about our perspective and the way we choose to accept the things that come to us. And given that there is no escape of unfortunate events, some people prefer to look at the bright side and consider them as comical stories for the future. After all, every trouble will pass, so why not laugh at its face while we can?

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we believe that our sense of humor is the most powerful tool we have. We want to share some funky situations that will tickle your funny bone.

1. ’’I went hiking for the first time in a while. My hiking boots are just as out of shape as I am.’’

2. ’’This painting that my brother came across while traveling, looks exactly like him.’’

3. “This deflated balloon looks similar to a heart.”

4. “This car’s rear wiper”

5. “Doing some writing in the shed, and this little fella stayed to watch for a while.”

6. “2 hummingbirds landed at the same time on my rods while out fishing.”

7. “Took my son to the museum, and he cared only about this fox in the bin.”

8. “This wood knot looks like Mike Wazowski.”

9. “Elf on the Walmart shelf”

10. “How my sister’s dog sleeps”

11. “A face I just discovered on a tree in my front yard”

12. “A piece of ice cream dropped from my spoon as I was scooping and it looks like a tiny shark.”

13. “A collection of rubber duckies on the dashboard of a car”

14. “A horse with a mustache”

15. “All he got was one bottle of ranch.”

16. ’’A hummingbird chilled on my phone today.’’

17. “The sun hitting my phone just right and making a super defined reflection onto my dog”

18. “Saw a cloud that looked like a cat today.”

19. When you decide to take a photo of your lunch:

20. ’’This egg spilled out of a crack while cooking and looks like a little duck.’’

Do you have any epic moments to complete our collection? Have you seen anything weird and fancy yourself? Please share your stories and photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Terrapin72 / reddit


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