20 People Whose Genetics Seem to Work Like a Time Machine

2 years ago

While many people say that genes skip a generation, the answer from scientists is a firm “no.” Inheritance is very powerful, and traits can be passed on from one generation to another; they can even be traced back for centuries. That’s what many people realized when they looked at old family photos and found a remarkable resemblance with relatives that they never got to meet.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is in awe of how genetics travel from one century to the next, and these 20 people are living proof of that.

1. “I love seeing these, so here is my paternal line. Me on the right, and great-great-grandfather on the left.”

2. Like father, like son, royal edition: Prince William and his son, Prince George

3. “It blows my mind how much I look like my Nan when she was my age.”

4. Marcheline Bertrand and her daughter look like sisters from different decades.

5. “Me in 2014, my grandpa in 1963 on the right”

6. “Grandpa at East Base Antarctica 1940 on left. Me, last week, on right.”

7. This girl and her mom look like twins.

8. This photo made us wonder whether someone already knows how to time travel.

9. “Handsome” genes must run in this family!

10. “My son and me at roughly the same age!”

11. “My dad and me around the same age”

12. “This is my great-great-grandfather, Tom. I had never seen a picture of Tom until a year after I shaved the mustache.”

13. “Recreated Polaroid of Grandpa from 1977”

14. Looks like a great deal of this man’s DNA comes from his grandfather.

15. “My grandpa and me, 40 years apart”

16. “Found this picture of my grandmother the other day. Felt like I was looking in the mirror.”

17. Queen Victoria and her fourth great-granddaughter, Princess Beatrice

18. “My mother insists I look like my grandfather in 1942.”

19. “My mother and I are almost identical.”

20. “Did a recreated photo of my dad 2 years ago for Father’s Day.”

Do you look like any of your relatives? If you could change your looks, who would you want to look like?

Preview photo credit 4shoot4 / reddit


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