20 People Whose Way of Doing Things Rubbed Us the Wrong Way

2 years ago

Waiting for the postman excitedly just to receive a broken product, finding out your partner eats Pringles with a spoon, or your day simply taking a turn for the worse might make you mad and ask yourself, “Why me?” One thing that can help us get through a day like this is sharing our pain with other people.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some people who shared their pains, and we wonder which one has happened to you too.

1. “This is how my partner eats Pringles. Shakes the tub to crush them, then puts the chips into a bowl to eat them with a spoon.”

2. “Someone did this in my art class.”

3. “My fridge has an egg case for only 9 eggs.”

4. “The way that my mom eats avocados”

5. “Thought I had separated 50 eggs without breaking a yolk — until I noticed one on the edge.”

6. We hope they have a spare key somewhere.

7. “The kids learned a couple of new words today.”

8. “Woke up and saw my door was removed by my parents. I asked them why, and they replied, ’Privacy isn’t necessary.’”

9. “The first time I ordered shoes online”

10. “Instead of rinsing his cup between drinks, my boyfriend will just refill it with whatever since it ’mixes in his stomach anyway.’”

11. “Looks like I won’t be listening to my new vinyl record. Thanks, USPS.”

12. “The roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware).”

13. “My disappointment is immeasurable.”

14. “My wife asked for the remote the whole evening.”

15. “My milkman refuses to put milk in the caddy provided.”

16. “Ordered 27 books from Amazon on a single order. Got 27 boxes with one book each, all delivered like this.”

17. “Forgetting to remove paper from your pocket before doing the laundry”

18. “This is what the knives at my girlfriend’s house look like. This is a crime.”

19. “Just bought a new charging cable for my wife because the old one was flayed.”

20. “My wife sits and eats all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms and puts the barren cereal back in the pantry.”

21. “The way my husband puts all of the stickers from the fruit he eats on a single piece of fruit”

What is the most mildly infuriating thing your partner or someone close to you does? Share it with everybody, and let’s see who wins the “Most Annoying” award!

Preview photo credit drempire / Reddit


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