15 People Who Live to Defy the Rules

2 years ago

A concertgoer who stands the entire time or a kid who takes a bite off every single apple in sight — some folks make our blood boil with the way they choose to do things. But we can’t go around just changing people, so instead, we facepalm. And, of course, turn to the Internet for some good venting!

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you moments that can push anyone’s patience to the limit.

1. “How my son eats his pizza”

2. “My roommate broke the toilet seat. No worries, though, he replaced it.”

3. “How my brother does the dishes and watches YouTube at the same time (his phone is not waterproof)”

4. “Looks like someone decided to clean a mirror with a steel sponge or something before I moved in.”

5. “Stood during the entire concert, even when absolutely nobody else was standing.”

6. “Was at a friend’s house and this abomination caught my eye.”

7. “This kid took a SINGLE bite out of ALL the apples.”

8. “My partner borrowed my car for a few days and gave it back like this.”

9. “This is how my wife loads the dishwasher.”

10. “My milkman refuses to put the milk in the caddy provided.”

11. “My mom made this medium-rare sour bread.”

12. “How my dad cuts the cake”

13. “Coworkers do this to my dry-erase markers.”

14. “The space my wife gives me to sleep on our queen-sized bed”

15. “My wife cuts bananas in half and just leaves the tops.”

Do you have a friend that does things in a different, strange way? How do you prefer to eat your bananas?

Preview photo credit MrBrianWeldon / Reddit


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