15 Times Things Showed Us Their Hide-and-Seek Skills

2 years ago

From time to time, the universe likes to play tricks on our minds and eyes. One of its best tricks is camouflaging things in plain sight, giving our brains a little glitch in the system. For example, baking a cake and losing it on the counter in just a sec might sound strange at first, but this is just one of the really cool things that we’ve managed to find.

Now I’ve Seen Everything dug around and found some combinations of things that blend perfectly together.

1. “Did not plan this at all... But my nails matched my breakfast!”

2. “The birthday cake I made for my dad matches our counter.”

3. “There are 2 cats in this picture.”

4. “This leaf on my bed”

5. “My shoes match the machines I use at work.”

6. “Cracks me up that he always sleeps on his back.”

7. “Was getting some fish and chips one night when this guy walked in.”

8. “Couldn’t find my tortilla.”

9. “Couldn’t find my straw when I made iced coffee this morning.”

10. “Was at a Red Roof Inn and my brother noticed something when I was laying on the bed.”

11. There’s a bird in this photo.

12. “My sock matched this wall in a dressing room.”

13. “This tiny lizard on my sink”

14. “Yes, we did buy the bed because it matched her.”

15. Can you spot the lizard in this picture?

Have you ever accidentally matched something? What’s the most mind-blowing coincidence you’ve ever experienced? Sprinkle the comments with your fabulous stories and pics!


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