20 Photos That Reveal Touching Stories From the Past

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Thanks to the invention of photography, people have managed to capture a lot of important moments in our history, such as the moon landing, The Beatles’ pillow fight, and many others. And the photos we keep in our family albums are no less important.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we love old photos because you can see things from the past in them, including the way people used to look, dress, and live.

“I just got my first apartment, so I thought I’d post this photo of my dad in his first apartment in 1989.”

“My parents on their first date in the 1980s — I can’t get enough of the sweater!”

“My dad and I used to get milkshakes together all the time. My daughter and I are sharing our first milkshake together.”

“She doesn’t know, but at 26, this is the only thing that has never left my backpack. Love you, Mom.”

“My grandma and grandpa dressing up as each other in the 1940s”

“My awesome parents watched my daughter for 6 hours so I could have time to myself for the first time since she was born. After I put her to bed, this is what I saw in the living room.”

“The 7-year-old girl that I rescued 4 years ago waiting ever so patiently for my 79-year-old grandma to fix one of her favorite toys”

“My grandfather, born in 1919, is holding my son, born in 2019.”

“My grandfather on my grandmother’s shoulders”

“I turned 29 today, but I wish I could go back to 1994 again and just fall asleep in my bean bag chair after watching Power Rangers.

“My grampa used to grow us giant pumpkins for Halloween and drive them 4 hours to where we lived so we always had the most epic jack-o-lanterns.”

“I was in another room, and I heard my boyfriend explaining a game to someone. By his voice, he was really excited about it, but there was no one else in the apartment. When I went back to the room, this is what I saw.”

“My best friend and me on a hot summer day in 1958”

“My mom holding me while writing her master thesis”

“I’m sitting next to my preschool crush on Thanksgiving Day in 1986. We got married 18 years later.”

“Hopefully, we can all find someone who loves you like I loved this cake in 1985.”

“My mom with the ’love of her life’ before I was born”

“My husband thought my dog wanted to cuddle. She slowly reached up and grabbed the sucker out of his mouth. We both had a good laugh.”

“In 1994, I brought my granddaddy his first pizza. He was 89 and chased us down as we left because he couldn’t believe we left more in the box for him.”

“My grandmother in the 1970s — she turned 75 yesterday. She’s still beautiful.”

Do you think it’s important to keep old photos, or is the present more important that the past? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit highfives4all / Reddit


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