15 Pics That Prove It’s Easier to Win a Lottery Than Buy Something Worthy Online

year ago

Online shopping is developing very fast, and there are currently more than 26 million online shopping sites worldwide. Unfortunately, there are no stats about how many customers get disappointed with their shopping experience. It’s likely that these numbers are actually not that small.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything couldn’t help but empathize with internet users whose online purchases turned into full-on disappointments.

1. “Got less than expected — there is a smaller jar hidden inside!”

2. D is for disappointment.

3. Here is what happens if you don’t clarify the size of the goods.

4. “I bought a foldable piano.”

5. It seems plants don’t really enjoy being hair.

6. “Finally my dream bed arrived”

7. “Oh why, oh why can’t I learn?”

8. Sometimes you get something absolutely different than what you ordered.

9. Remember: never buy succulents from Instagram

10. “What is this? A work desk for ants?”

11. Nice carpet.

12. When the price was suspiciously low

13. “Instead of my Christmas gift, I was sent an industrial supply of single-ply toilet paper.”

14.“What could go wrong when ordering a $100 wedding dress online.”

15. “I can’t understand whether it’s too small or too big?”

When looking at these pics it’s easy to conclude that online shopping is a lottery. Have you ever had disappointing purchases? Please tell us about them.

Preview photo credit momo2477 / Reddit


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