20 Pics That Prove Cats Are True Drama Queens

2 years ago

Cats are cute and cuddly, but they can also be very dramatic, especially when they’re annoyed or startled. But these comical expressions only add to their charm, and their animated faces get us all the time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20 kitties that definitely took home the crown for being adorable drama queens.

1. “She’s behind me, isn’t she?”

2. “I sang his name really loud.”

3. “I walked in and lifted the blanket while he was fast asleep.”

4. “My cat just noticed that we have a ticking clock on our living room wall. We’ve been living here for 2 years.”

5. “What do you mean, ’rabies vaccine’!?”

6. “Vanilla was grooming Samson, then I walked over and said Vanilla’s name and got this pic.”

7. “Somebody walked up the stairs.”

8. “She can hear the plumbers working in the basement to repair a leak.”

9. “I was eating an extra strong Halls drop and blew in his direction.”

10. “It was her first time seeing birds.”

11. “I poked my cat.”

12. “Caught my cat staring at me like this.”

13. “She heard someone walk into the room.”

14. “The look she gave me when I told her she wasn’t going to be an only kitty anymore”

15. “People were walking outside.”

16. “Marvel the cat’s reaction to 2020”

17. “Something outside surprised her mid-lick.”

18. “My cat Tuna Fish’s reaction to seeing me in the bath. She’s the most expressive cat I’ve ever had!”

19. “I had the audacity to interrupt playtime.”

20. “Pay attention to me, please.”

What does your pet surprise you with? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit maybeitsme23 / Reddit


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