20 Pictures That Clearly Show How Much Going Vegan Can Change Your Body

2 years ago

By 2050, most of us will have become vegan. There are many benefits to switching to a plant-based diet: you could lose weight more easily, feel more energetic, and your hair and skin will thank you for it. The heroes of this article decided to give the vegan lifestyle a chance, and they don’t regret it.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything were truly impressed by how eating plant-based foods can transform your health and your looks.

1. “300 lbs prediabetic to winning vegan bodybuilder”

2. “Gains with no protein, 5 years vegan”

3. “I’ve been vegan for 2 years, and it has changed my entire life. 🌱”

4. “3 years of being vegan”

5. “My wife and I are 3 years vegan!”

6. “2 years, 138 lbs, lots of runs, and hundreds of animals saved later”

7. “Went from 213 lbs to 123 lbs, 90 lbs lost. Size 12 (borderline size 14) to a size 2 now. I’ve been overweight most of my life, but thankfully that’s no longer the case.”

8. They still have 2 little kids, but now they are vegan and exercise.

9. “I was just a baby vegan in the photo on the left (2017). So happy to have found this lifestyle, I don’t even want to know where I would be without it!”

10. “I’ve been vegan for a year. Here is what 5 months of veganism, the gym, and skateboarding can do! 156 lbs to 128 lbs!”

11. “My vegan transformation!”

12. “Almost one year vegan — can’t wait for the results of my anniversary in a few months.”

13. “21 years old and still consuming eggs and milk vs 27 years old and vegan”

14. “First pic: Sep 5, 2021. Second pic: Oct 22, 2021”

15. “Progress! September, November, and January”

16. “14 months and 10 lbs later”

19. “5-year vegan transformation 🐮🌱🐰 from 15 to 20 years old”

20. “I went full vegan 2 months ago and have never seen and felt so much progress.”

How was your transition to vegetarianism or veganism? What are your tips for taking this step correctly and progressively?

Preview photo credit Dry_Calendar5323 / Reddit


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