20 Pleasing Photos That Will Soothe the Perfectionist in You

2 years ago

A symmetrical flower or a deep cleaning of a closet may not seem to have anything in common. But they do. They’re each a step closer to perfection. Fortunately, you don’t have to give your home a makeover every day in order to experience the feeling of joy that good organization brings. It’s all thanks to the people who share their nicest findings and feats online!

Now I’ve Seen Everything invites you to a visual paradise with this collection of truly satisfying pics.

1. “A yellow ladybug crawling on my wife’s amber bracelet.”

2. “Was able to flip these brownies out flawlessly.”

3. “I’m a homebuilder, this utility room does it for me.”

4. “The way my Xbox One S Controller fits into my Beats Solo 2’s in this case.”

5. “Slice of Jell-O I made for Easter.”

6. “I took a walk this evening and saw this bush, I thought it would fit in well here.”

7. “I kind of won the avocado lottery.”

8. “Donated 3 bags of clothes that did not ‘bring me joy’ and ended up with a very organized closet.”

9. “Gummy Bear gift box for an autistic date.”

10. “Seems like a good time to finally show off the spice rack I built.”

11. “I saw the manhole cover put on the other way around, took a picture, and fixed it in photoshop, enjoy.”

12. “Milk bricks”

13. “First-prize-winning Dahlia, grown by my dad.”

14. “Entryway design”

15. “The smooth layers from my homemade triple chocolate cheesecake!”

16. “My dog is the same color and texture as my rug.”

17. “I heard we were sharing our spice drawers. I used to be a cook in the industry, but now I cook for my family and friends.”

18. “These vacuum packed bean bricks at the supermarket”

19. “I see your cold front from the air, I raise you a view of a cold front from the road!”

20. “A perfect pudding.”

What things do you do to achieve peace and harmony?

Preview photo credit J0shua1985 / Reddit


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