20+ Special Sights That As Rare As Winning the Lottery

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What makes life so exciting are those surprises that we come across of at random moments, whether it is an unexpected situation or an extraordinary sight. As if the Universe decides to show us its funky and eccentric side every once in a while, reminding people to never predict things or plan in advance. Because life is a precious and thrilling adventure where the possibilities are endless.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we love to celebrate uniqueness. And today we want to share with you some sights that will amaze your eyes and add a splash of wonder to your day.

1. ’’I caught 4 bubbles on my finger.’’

2. “I was born with hair.”

3. “A glasswing butterfly I saw today while hiking”

4. “This caterpillar looks like it has tiny penguins on its back.”

5. “This apple has an apple growing out of it.”

6. “I have heterochromia.”

7. “An X-ray of my sister’s pregnant dog”

8. ’’I opened a can of green beans and there were diced tomatoes inside.’’

9. Lake Hillier in Australia has a vibrant, bubblegum pink color.

The lake is safe to swim in. The exact reason behind its bright pink color is still a mystery, but scientists predict this is due to the presence of certain algae and bacteria.

10. “I was born with only 3 fingers on each hand. With the power of modern medicine, I was able to get another finger on each hand.”

11. “An oddly-shaped strawberry”

12. “My dad took this picture of 2 moose sharing a sweet kiss while camping in Alaska.”

13. “Today’s solar eclipse we saw at sunset resembled a giant cat’s head.”

14. Midas, a perfectly healthy cat, was born with 4 ears.

15. ’’This old copper crayon turned green.’’

16. “This is a crested pineapple. This is a condition you might be more familiar with in cacti, but it’s possible in many plants.”

“The weird parts have undergone a trauma of some sort (bacterial or viral) or are genetically predisposed to this condition that is causing abnormal growth patterns along what is called the apical meristem.”

17. ’’I cut my garlic bulb in half to find a completely translucent orange clove.’’

18. “My brother was born with 12 toes. Here’s the X-ray.”

19. “A lizard growing another foot on its tail”

20. “A remarkable example of a condition called polydactyly.”

21. ’’This potato we pulled from our garden looks like a vegetable art piece.’’

Which one of the images above impressed you the most? Would you dare to eat the oddly-shaped pineapple? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit nealschweiberr / Reddit


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