20 Things That Left People Exclaiming “This Is the Last Straw!”

2 years ago

Sometimes infuriating things make their way into our daily lives. When it happens often enough, it becomes nearly impossible to stay calm. Misleading products, poor design, and others’ bad habits are examples that can be part of a long list of annoyances.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found different instances where people’s peace was disturbed. And we can’t help but relate to their complaints.

1. “Biggest letdown I’ve had in a while to be honest.”

2. “Do I just throw out the entire roommate?”

3. “My fiancé refuses to finish a bottle of Coke before opening another.”

4. “The owner’s son at my work takes up 2 spaces in employee parking, closest to the employee entrance, every day.”

5. “I can’t see my brother’s graduation.”

6. “How my sister cuts lemons.”

7. “Parents who raise their kids to think it’s okay to leave a library like this.”

8. “I walked to work in a thunderstorm, but my boss forgot to tell me we all have today off.”

9. “This is how my boyfriend opens cereal.”

10. “I was trying to remove a stubborn nail.”

11. “Where my mother-in-law left my toddler’s uneaten banana.”

12. “A manicurist tried to tell me these are the same color.”

13. “Thanks, delivery people. I mean, why would anyone bother to take care of an obvious TV package?”

14. “People that use PC cables to rest their feet.”

15. “My mom, charging her phone.”

16. “Teachers that leave the cursor on the play bar.”

17. “My partner thought this was acceptable to put back in the fridge.”

18. “Sometimes I just don’t understand my wife’s thought process.”

19. “How I know the mother-in-law visited.”

20. “My research supervisor’s way of writing ‘D’ on tubes.”

Which one of these pics made your eye twitch the most?

Preview photo credit Angel_Muffin / Reddit


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