20 Tattoos That Seem Simple but Have Deep Meaning

year ago

The reasons why people decide to get tattooed are diverse. Some people don’t even need a reason. But many others, like people who’ve gone through a significant event or that have a special someone they love, get a tattoo to remember them forever. Here, we’ll show you the stories behind these tattoos, as they represent something beyond simple art on the skin.

1. “100% deaf”

2. “I reunited a girl with her father last night. Tattoo is by me.”

3. “My mother and son tattoo!”

4. “I got my first tattoo. It’s a memorial tattoo. My mom’s ashes were mixed in the ink. We both are crazy cat ladies. I miss her dearly.”

5. “8-year wedding anniversary matching tattoos”

6. “I got this tattoo for my 4-year meat-free anniversary. 🐖”

7. “A sunflower tattooed around my birthmark”

8. “My 6-year-old’s artwork”

9. “I got to fit this tiny kitty face into a memorial collar tattoo I did for my client.”

10. “Now I’ve got my childhood stuffed dinosaurs with me every step of the way.”

11. “I got matching tattoos with my best friend/college roommate, representing the time we spent living in the White Mountains.”

12. “The stars align. This year has been great; I had a kid, my wife is awesome, and work is great, so I got my first tattoo!”

13. “My first tattoo. I had it done last year. This was done on my deceased wife’s birthday last year and marks where I spread her ashes.”

14. “My mom has cooked all her life and inspires me to do the same. This is a special take on a mom tattoo with her initials etched at the ends.”

15. “First tattoo! Done for my son with craniosynostosis.”

16. “A butterfly in memory of my daughter”

17. “Before and after — I added my 3-year-old daughter’s name to a 15-year-old tattoo, spruced up the designs originally for my teenagers, and brought the whole piece together.”

18. “A tattoo of my daughter’s heart rhythm over my heart”

19. “For my eighteenth birthday, I got a tattoo of my dad’s laugh on my arm; he passed 3 years ago. I have his smile and joy wherever I go now.”

20. “In honor of my lost baby”


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