20+ Things That Have Only Gotten More Unique With Time

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Whether we like it or not, nothing is immune to the passage of time, and even the most resilient items have a shelf life. The greatest thing we can do to discover the actual meaning of “time flies” is to look around and attempt to find the minute traces that time leaves behind as it moves along. Thanks to cameras, we can now see pictures of people that serve as a constant reminder that time is a moving target in our changing world.

1. “A tale of 2 teddies: my sister and I both got them at the same time 8 years ago.”

2. “My grandpa’s wedding ring. He never took it off for over 50 years until the day he died.”

3. “We replaced my dad’s 16-year-old TV remote.”

4. “My old hat and my new hat.”

5. “My grandpa’s table after about 50 years of sliding dominos, plates, bowls, drinks, and cards across it.”

6. “This table tennis table”

7. “My granddad and his wheels, ~1950 & 2020.”

8. “Guess the combination.”

9. “Mighty Wallet 10 year, time to replace.”

10. “Hundreds of shows a year for almost 15 years.”

11. “My baby blankie. I’m 22 and can’t sleep without it.”

13. “This dog’s favorite spot.”

14. “What 14 years of use do to your Crocs.”

15. “Nobody wants a car wash.”

16. “My dad’s Birkenstock.”

17. “Headphones worn daily since 2016 —about time to replace ear cushions.”

18. “Jacket I dyed two years ago. I never noticed how much it faded until I unfolded my sleeves.”

19. “Brand new vs. being slept with every night for 30 years.”

20. “My wife’s toy mouse of 22 years vs my daughter’s new mouse.”

21. “I like to rest my hand on my leg while driving, and over the past couple years, have managed to wear a hole in my pants in that spot.”

22. Many people must have walked these stairs.

What is your favorite object, and why would you never get rid of it?


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