18 Everyday Objects That Accidentally Turned Into Works of Art

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study has found that when we see faces in objects, we usually tend to perceive them as male rather than female. And while some simply get amused when they find a pattern or a shape in a random object, others read more into it and believe that it is a message from the Universe that something’s about to happen. Either way, these special sights are a reminder that life is always hiding a surprise for us if we pay attention to detail.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has collected a bunch of fascinating pics that will spice up your day and give your imagination a little shake.

1. ’’Even my coffee cup didn’t want to get up this morning.’’

2. Dog bread

3. “Does my butter look like Bart Simpson?”

4. “A tissue person on my gym’s floor”

5. ’’My pants ripped today.’’

6. “A piece of burnt onion got wet on the stove top and made a bird.”

7. “Scared me in the dark.”

8. “My friend’s baby’s fat bread arms”

9. “How I imagine my baby’s feet”

10. “The lady of the glass

11. “This sweet potato I found at work has an ear.”

12. “The ice made a duck on my window.”

13. “I was making pancakes and saw Mike Wazowski.”

14. “A bird did their business on my windshield, but I think it might be a selfie.”

15. ’’This lime has a tail.’’

16. “Shower hair art”

17. “My knee impression at the gym looks like an ear.”

18. ’’Curious bunny in my coffee.’’

Do you also find weird shapes in stains or other objects? How do you let yourself be impressed by everyday events? Please tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Platypushat/reddit


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