15 Tender Photos That Are As Comforting As Clean Bed Sheets

2 years ago

picture might be worth a 1,000 words, but an endearing one is priceless. When you’re having a tough day, the image of a baby cuddling a cat can do wonders to reassure you not all is bad. Thankfully for us, social media allowed for these kind of pics to be shared across the world.

Now I’ve Seen Everything hopes to brighten your day with images that can make anyone melt.

1. “My nephew cuddling with the cat”

2. ’’8 months ago, our son, who was mostly wheelchair-dependent, got a support dog. Together they succeeded.’’

3. ’’I was having a bad day and this dog walked to my bus stop, sat on the bench, and asked me for pets. I’m now having a good day.’’

4. “We packed our bags to leave for the weekend. Came back to find this.”

5. ’’My husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress.’’

6. ’’My grandma turned 90 today. Every morning she goes to McDonald’s for coffee, and today they had a party for her.’’

7. “My sister and I asleep on a car ride home some time in the mid ’90s.”

8. ’’After 9 years of being my best friend, he gets to be my best man.’’

9. ’’I live abroad. My grandparents called me to urgently check the security cams of my house back home. Turns out they called so I could see them standing with a heart and waving at me.’’

10. ’’Nimbus leveled up from a crinkled tissue to supermodel’’

11. “9 years difference in the pictures. They are still inseparable.”

12. ’’I adopted a kitten for my cat. It’s going well.’’

13. ’’My graduating class and our 92-year-old classmate.’’

14. “Just my friend’s twins holding hands.”

15. ’’My kid had his foot resting on his other leg’’

Which one of these heartwarming situations has given you the biggest smile? Have you offered or received a random act of kindness from a stranger lately?

Preview photo credit SusonoO / Reddit


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