21 People Who Captured Glitches in the Matrix With Their Lenses

2 years ago

Real-life optical illusions aren’t as rare as you may think. In an age where every cellphone has a camera, sharing the oddities you come across has become a trend. From a hay bale whose shadow passes as a hole in the ground to a big dog with a seemingly tiny head, there are countless visual challenges to be solved.

Now I’ve Seen Everything compiled some of the most fascinating yet baffling pics on the Internet.

1. This isn’t a hole.

2. “My daughter looks like she’s disappearing into the ground.”

The person who took the photo is on an elevated plateau. Because of this, the girl’s body is hidden behind a wall.

3. “This guy’s bag looks like someone sleeping.”

4. “This artificial grass seating looks like it was Photoshopped into the scenery.”

5. “Took a picture of my girlfriend’s hair and, from this angle, she looks like a toddler.”

6. “Was watching a show and had to pause it. When I came back, I thought someone had put a mirror over my screen.”

7. “My pizza looks upside down on the stove.”

8. “My floating cat”

9. “The shadow behind my dad makes it look like he has an epic ’80s mustache.”

10. “It’s as if part of the building is just windows.”

11. “My son moved his cookies in front of his face as I took our picture. It gave me chubby little baby hands.”

12. “My dad hugging my nephew”

13. “The reflection of the lamp on the sunglasses”

14. “This mirror column in a building on my college campus seems see-through when looking down the hallways.”

15. “The wall outside this window looks like a pond.”

16. “This picture of my friend’s cat”

17. “A big dog with a small head”

18. “My cat’s giant forearm”

19. “This photo I took out the back of my van makes it seem like I was flying.”

20. “These books are not out of focus. It’s just that there are gray stripes along the laterals.”

21. “My friend and his girlfriend”

Have you ever witnessed any glitches in the matrix? Have you taken any photos that could be featured in this article? Rock the comments with your best stories and pics!

Preview photo credit Cobalt_Asure / Reddit


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