24 Pictures That Are the Visual Equivalent of Nails on a Chalkboard

2 years ago

There are some everyday situations that can easily make you grind your teeth. And even if you don’t consider yourself a perfectionist, there’s something about a pile of dirty dishes or a half-empty bottle of Coke in your fridge that can genuinely irritate you. These 24 people can totally understand how you feel, and they decided to share photos of things that annoy them the most with the whole world.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have collected a list of such pictures that are both irritating and funny at the same time.

1. “Ah yes, the Stranger Things spinoff”

2. “I was trying to remove a stubborn nail.”

3. “My 9-year-old sister destroyed our microwave doing a TikTok life hack.”

4. “Nobody did the dishes while I was gone for 3 days because ’It’s your responsibility.’”

5. “My chocolate chip granola bar had ONE chocolate chip.”

6. “I would like to share with you all the time I was politely dissed by R.L. Stine. I was in the fourth grade and mailed my book to him to autograph.”

“Please sign right here — The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena.

7. “This completely flat spoon I was given to eat my soup with”

8. “Never swore more in my life. Spent all day meticulously taping so I’d have nice straight lines on the ceiling. Even worse, I don’t know what brand or shade of white the previous owner used on the ceiling.”

9. “Let’s hear it for the cruel being who put muscle pain medications on the lowest shelf. Very user-friendly, guys, really!”

10. “I just spent 20 minutes trying to pick this monstrosity off.”

11. “My mom had just finished cleaning the kitchen and then spilled a bag of chia seeds on the ground.”

12. “As a retail worker myself, this makes us angry. It takes 30 seconds to put it back where you found it.”

13. “Don’t you hate it when sinks are made like this?”

14. “Yesterday, my pen exploded in my dryer. Today, this happened when I got home after another 13-hour workday.”

15. “Attempted to take $60 out. Got stuck and I couldn’t get it out. Then it sucked it back in and still took $60 out of my account!”

16. “I made coffee while I was still half-asleep.”

17. “Tried to ask her to move her hair, but she just ignored me.”

18. “I wish I hadn’t bothered aligning them so I never would’ve noticed...”

19. “I’m starting to think this view isn’t worth having golfers aiming directly at our home.”

20. A bird had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom in the open mouthpiece of this guy’s coffee... Nice start to the day.

21. “’Have cats,’ they said, ’It’ll be fun,’ they said... No cats or plants were harmed.”

22. When you think doing your makeup in the car will save you time and you actually realize it might’ve been better to not have worn makeup at all...

23. “My fiancé refuses to finish a bottle of Coke before opening another.”

24. “My neighbors just throw trash out of their window.”

Have you ever experienced anything like what these people went through? Tell us your “tragic” story in the comments and let’s laugh at these things together!

Preview photo credit DraxySwagOut / Reddit


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