20 Times Our Imagination Played Tricks on Us

2 years ago

The phenomenon of seeing faces or recognizable figures in random objects has a name: “pareidolia.” It means our brain likes to give meaning to things, even when all you’re looking at is a jumbled blanket. Although it can be quite common, sometimes the results are hysterical and create a world of fascinating characters that live around us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything introduces you to some of the double-faced items that cracked us up.

1. “This cheeky mango we got”

2. “How I feel after the Christmas food bonanza”

3. “The Jurassic Park game is so scary, even the seats are terrified!”

4. “The most disapproving chair you’ll ever meet”

5. “Pipes and ducts in a building are smiling at you.”

6. “Am I crazy or is the shadow of my banana plant looking like Yoda’s side-profile?”

7. “Scared the bejeezus out of me in the dark.”

8. A praying cat or just a happy duck?

9. “Unintentional olive oil art”

10. “The shadow cast by my fan looks like a pig-tailed ghost.”

11. “An old man in my coffee!”

12. “This little guy is happy to provide me heat.”

13. “My great-grandmother still has her first phone.”

14. The local cuisine is quite impressive!

15. “A praying mantis with dreads?”

16. “Cute little hinge elf”

17. “A happy dinosaur/crocodile (it’s a bottle opener)!”

18. “Kinda looking like a mouth with red lipstick, and I’m terrified.”

19. “My boyfriend’s razor looks very nervous.”

20. Someone’s grumpy.

Have you seen anything like these before? Have you captured any “living” objects yourself? Please share your photos with us in the comment section below.


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