20+ Handymen Who Really Tried, but Did Not Succeed

2 years ago

Whenever we hire experts to renovate our houses, we expect quality and flawless work. Our expectations can sometimes be met by the utmost disappointment because aside from things not being installed properly, we can’t even use them. Sinks for ants, urinals you can only use while kneeling, or stairs on the verge of collapse — you name it. These handymen have one thing going for them — their creativity has one and only use: it can make an audience laugh.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some work that you can use as inspiration on how NOT to do certain things.

1. What is this? A sink for ants?

2. “At my inspection today on a brand new build, either the electrician or the tile guy thought to themselves, ’Yep, that’ll work.’”

3. “Nothing a little duct tape can’t fix...”

4. “Finished the lines Boss!”

5. — Boss, the lid doesn’t fit! What should we do?

- I don’t think anyone’s paying attention to that detail! Just leave it like that!

6. This light switch/door frame.

7. When your welding work leaves a lot to the imagination:

8. How an air conditioner was installed somewhere in the world

9. “Somewhere in Australia maybe”

10. “Good job, now we’re safe.”

11. “Urinal on the left is a little too close for comfort, must be awkward.”

12. Missing a part of the handrail? No problem!

13. Okay, how do I get out of here?

14. Okay, does anyone know how I can get all the way down the emergency stairs?

15. “For when you’re feeling daring.”

16. From today on, we all have to cross the street like this.

17. “This construction at my doctor’s office”

18. “I fixed it, boss. Can I go now?”

19. “Properly installed drains”

20. “This panel in my school gym”

21. “Somebody ’fixed’ the roof like this.”

22. I was asked to install the electrical box, but they didn’t specify where.

23. “Mirror in my hotel room. I tried to fix it and found out they were glued like this.”

Which of these designs made your skin crawl? Have you ever experienced anything like this?

Preview photo credit TheProcrastigator / Reddit


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