20 Women Who Dared to Cut Their Own Hair, and the Result Left Us in Awe

2 years ago

A hairstyle has the power to completely transform us and define the way we’re seen by others, therefore it is never easy to take the decision to chop off our hair. And it is even harder when we hold a scissor and decide to do it ourself. Yet, some talented women dared to take matters into their own hands and cut their locks to unveil a new look and their bold personality.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to share the before and after of 20 women who chopped their own hair and never looked back.

1. ’’I just cut off the hair I spent 12 years growing. And I couldn’t be happier!’’

2. “My 1-year and 2-month-old locks I made by myself! A special gift to me, by me.”

3. Mullet to bob

4. ’’I chopped everything off and now rocking a pixie cut.’’

5. “I did an ombre/balayage at home.”

“Instead of aluminum foil, I used a paddle brush comb to brush the product onto, and then I brushed my hair starting from the middle of each strand, not starting too close to my roots.”

6. “Ash blonde done by myself today. I’m quite pleased!”

7. “Before and after: I finally got the self-confidence to do the self-chop.”

8. “First time cutting my hair myself and I’m so happy with it! I’ve left salons with far worse.”

9. “I’ve been cutting my own hair for years, but this is the first time I’ve gone this short and tapered.”

10. “Before and after giving myself an at-home haircut”

11. “What started as a trim became my biggest chop yet.”

12. “From a boring hair to a fun shag! Thanks to Instagram videos from my favorite stylists, I’m finally happy with my hair again!”

13. “This was the first time I cut my own hair. I was really shocked that I didn’t butcher it. The under parts are shaved, which was so scary to do.”

14. ’’I went all in since I’m not going anywhere anyway and have never felt more free.’’

15. “I’m back to short hair. I was so impatient that I decided I had to do it myself.”

16. “I cut and dyed it all myself.”

“I was trying to grow my hair, but my baby loves tugging on delicate neck hairs, so I decided to cut it short.”

17. “I watched a few YouTube videos and did it myself.”

18. “As soon as I get my hair to shoulder-length, back to a pixie I go.”

19. ’’I gave myself a lil chop tonight and I feel super cute.’’

20. “Virgin brown to pink hair — I bleached my hair 4 times and did it myself!”

Have you ever had a self-made haircut? Were you happy with the result? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit littlemaxbigworld / Reddit


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