21 Stories About People Who Were So Stingy It Hurts

2 years ago

It’s so hard to deal with stingy people! You’ve probably had to deal with someone that couldn’t let go of their money at some point. But there are people out there that take this way too far. If you think you have greedy friends or family members, trust us, it could be worse. And if you don’t believe us, just check out these stories. We’re sure they’ll make you feel lucky!

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we are not at all stingy, so we’re sharing with you these stories to try to understand a bit better people who don’t live by the motto “sharing is caring.”

  • I had a friend who came to our house every Sunday with her family at lunchtime, uninvited. That same friend would always ask me to let her keep meat in my freezer. I later found out that she would bring three packages of meat and, when she came to pick them up, she would take five. She used this scam to take with her whatever was in my refrigerator. Not only did she get food for free, but she also saved on electricity, since she actually had a freezer but just decided not to use it. © Maria Aparecida Prestes / Facebook
  • I get scared of people like that, but my sister went to the birthday of a relative who invited the whole family, plus neighbors and friends, and everyone brought gifts. When the cake, which was already small, was served, the woman’s mother-in-law kept half of it and most of them didn’t get a slice. She even came out boasting that she had received several gifts and had spent very little on the party. Stingy people live off at everyone’s expense. © Rebeca Freitas / Facebook
  • A “family member” got married and ordered two types of food for the party from the buffet. One was good quality and the other was very cheap and poor quality. The guests were placed at numbered tables and she instructed the waiters to serve a specific food at each table. At the time of the bouquet, she had already arranged to throw the flowers into her sister’s hands, in addition to giving special souvenirs to the sisters and her own mother at the end of the ceremony. For the guests, rubber souvenirs were made available... Being a “family member,” I already knew everything that would happen. During the party, I was at the table when my husband’s boss said, “Get up, let’s go to a barbecue before they charge us for the reception.” © Drika Fidelis / Facebook
  • Once, a niece gave my mom a cake for her birthday. As soon as it was handed out, she took what was left over and put it in the car to take it with her. © Valdirene Consani / Facebook
  • For my son’s wedding, I hired a buffet service, but I bought all the food. The hired staff only had to prepare dinner. At the time of the party, I noticed that they were not serving everything I bought. I went to the kitchen and asked the buffet owner why, and she said there was too much stuff to cook at the same time. When the cake was served, that was also a problem. My sister and I made a huge one, and the crew was serving the guests a pittance. I went back to the kitchen and told them to serve at will. At parties like this, people have to pig-out on food. And if I can’t serve enough for them to do so, then I wouldn’t organize a party in the first place. © Denise Pereira / Facebook
  • What I saw at a birthday party once made me angry. Of course, I complained to the owners of the house. The girl works in a bank, her husband is an engineer in an automobile factory, and they told us guests to each bring our own drinks. So far so good. The mother of the owner of the house, an old lady, forgot to bring a drink and asked for a soda; the daughter simply replied, “You didn’t bring a soda and now you want one?”. That made me angry and, since I couldn’t help it, I said, “Well, I did bring soda. You can give your mom a glass of mine. Afterwards, I’m going out to buy what she forgot.” I went to get it, handed it over, and left the party. © Nicolle Calegarette / Facebook
  • I was dating a guy whose mother once complained about me using lots of toilet paper. She wouldn’t let me shower at her house either because, according to her, it would increase her water bill. And if we were having coffee, I couldn’t eat more than one slice of cake, because she wanted to save it for the next day. © Carol Gomes Pinheiro / Facebook
  • A cousin invited me to a birthday party at a country house. The potato salad with mayonnaise was warm, which gave me a headache and a stomach ache. The fruit was good, but not enough for the number of guests. A few days later, on payday, my cousin called me at work to charge me for my participation in the “party.” On top of that, she justified it by saying that the fruits were a contribution from her brother-in-law and the mayonnaise salad was made by her grandmother. I made my contribution, but wanted to charge her for the medicine I had to buy. © Fernanda S Silva / Facebook
  • I went to a wedding where they served box juice and five snacks for a table with five people. And they called it a reception! © Vânia Lucia Lopes / Facebook
  • A neighbor of my mother’s always borrowed things and never gave them back. Then, if we asked her for them back, she would lie that my mother had given them to her, and since that woman had a job, we didn’t suspect anything. Once I invited her to my son’s birthday and she brought size 8 underpants for a 3-year-old because they didn’t fit her son. She would also heat up all the food in one dish in the microwave and then share it with her children. © Simone Nunes / Facebook
  • I had a boyfriend who celebrated our relationship anniversary on a monthly basis. One day, we happened to give each other chocolates. He kept what I gave him and ate half of what he gave me. When I had money, we always went out and split the bill, but if I didn’t, I would buy just for him and he would let me watch him eat. © Diniz Viana Daniela / Facebook
  • There was a lady who went for a manicure every Saturday to my sister’s mother-in-law’s house, who was a manicurist at the time. It costed about $6 to get your nails done. The lady would always arrive at 8 a.m., have breakfast, and then the manicurist would start doing toenails, fingernails, everything very nicely. She would finish the job, but the old lady would not move from there and, surprisingly, she would only leave after dinner, that is, she ate every meal at my sister’s mother-in-law’s house. © Rosilene Mendes / Facebook
  • I have a friend who is always unemployed and, every time we get together with the school group, he comes with the same old speech about how he has no money. My boyfriend and I have already paid for him many times and, once, he got an internship, went to a burger joint and posted a picture in a WhatsApp status. Then my boyfriend joked saying, “Can you buy me a sandwich?” The answer was none other than, “Ah, no, everyone pays for their own, I’m not a charity.” Imagine how angry I was!
    Small bonus: when we paid for something, he would always choose the most expensive meal on the menu. © Luciana Aparecida Ferrarezi Baldin / Facebook
  • I used to work in a pizzeria and, at lunchtime for the employees, the owner wanted us to eat what was left over from the tables. Even the leftover olives were washed and returned to the jar with brine. © Vilma Dionizio / Facebook

How do you usually deal with stingy people? Have you gone through something like this? Be sure to share your stories with us.


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I had a friend who came for Christmas with her two kids. I made Turkey, salad, the works.She brought a chicken ( people were also bringing food). Her kids jumped on it and took the legs etc, leaving nothing fir the others ( they were teen and adult), and they did the same with the rest of the food. We were all shocked as she let it happen.
I had a client to whom I gave a discount of 30% and the total was 73 dollars. He paid 70 via bank, and smiled.
A mother, gave as a bridal gift to her daughter a plastic table for the patio and for the christening asked the daughter to pay for her dress. She did, because her mother would turn up otherwise like Boy George.


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