15 People Who Will Impress You With Their Ability to Find a Solution to Every Problem

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There are many problems that we all face every single day, from broken things to a bigger disaster. In order to solve any issue, we first need to identify the problem and then find a possible solution. And some people are genetically better at achieving that than others. Maybe we could all take an example from them and follow in their footsteps in our own lives.

1. “Improvise, adapt, overcome.”

2. “When your 2-year-old refuses to stop stealing shredded cheese from the refrigerator”

3. This dad sure lived up to his mug’s motto.

4. “How some fast food chains use hockey sticks to pay by debit at the drive-through.”

5. “Guy at coffee shop shows off his solution to the $999 Apple stand.”

6. “Crochet Swiffer mops — wet refills add up with 2 dogs. So I made 2 for $3 each and they work WAY better than the refills.”

7. “When you have to wash your hair but your makeup is on point. I’m an innovator.”

8. Crazy sore muscles but no bath tub? Just improvise."

9. “My daughter always wants to get hash browns on the way to daycare. I started saving the wrappers and cooking frozen ones at home.”

10. “I wanted to lay in the sun and play some games. It was too bright outside to see the screen. I found a solution.”

11. A perfect solution for potty training!

12. Anti-theft system.

Schastje / Pikabu

13. “My mother washes her dishes by hand because the dishwasher is used for other things.”

14. “My sister’s neighbor wore the face off her monkey so she fixed it with an old tee shirt.”

15. “A great idea for pregnant women.”

Would you try out any of the ideas and tricks shown above? Which ones seem possibly helpful to you?

Preview photo credit Schastje / Pikabu, Zzed4tw439 / Imgur


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