22 Pictures That Made Us Pick Our Brains to Understand Them

2 years ago

Sometimes there are images that play with our mind and make us see strange things. Whether because of the angle in which a picture was taken, the colors, or simply because of a strange coincidence, these photos put our imagination to the test. Sometimes, they even leave us astonished by the power they have to awaken our imagination.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we gathered some examples that tested our perception at first sight. The idea is to really observe them for a few seconds (or minutes) to understant what’s really going on there.

1. “This guy’s bag looks like someone sleeping”

2. “My daughter, where’s the rest of her?! Ohh I see, do you?”

3. “Dog seems to be wearing tiny dog hat”

4. “Odd-looking Dalmatian head.”

5. “This corner had me thinking for a while”

6. “It looks like our baby has tattoos already.”

7. “Who knew dogs could drive?”

8. “It took me a few seconds to figure out what’s going on here...”

9. “This crane has giraffe print”

10. “Oh no, my Jared deflated.”

11. “My dress shoe sole has worn out to make it looks like it has an eye on the bottom of it.”

12. “It looks like two shadows from one biker.”

13. “Thought this was a picture of a guy swimming in the ocean”

14. “My blinds reflection looks like lunar phases on my wall.”

15. “The hotel reception is below the swimming pool.”

16. “There is a live crayfish defending the rice aisle in my local Asian market.”

17. “Street art near my house”

18. “My dog fell asleep in the rain and the ’shadow’ looks like a cartoon dog.”

19. “My rhododendron looks like it’s trying to run off.”

20. “The cutlet I bought has the shape of Australia”

21. “Coffee stain that looks like Earth”

22. “The classic red checkered pattern of the tablecloth of this restaurant is made of QR codes for their menu.”

Have you taken a photograph that captured a confusing moment too? Can you show it to us?


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