22 Shoes That Were Specifically Designed to Steal the Show

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It is a fact that many people love shoes, so nowadays we can find them in all shapes and forms. You can even see catwalks with the most renowned designers showing shoe collections that will be trendy next season. However, these creators have often dared to show quite peculiar designs, which seem to come straight out of the imagination of a child.

style="text-align:justify;">At Now I’ve Seen Everything we gathered 22 images of shoes that are so peculiar and unique that whoever dares to wear them can’t help but show that they have a great personality.

1. Don’t these sandals remind you of spring shoes, literally?

2. At least they must be very warm

3. The perfect choice for anyone who likes to shine

4. At least your feet won’t be cold

5. A fully elaborated shoe based on optical illusion

6. It is important to be careful not to trip

7. The ideal sandal for women who prefer thicker heels

8. When the heel details steal the spotlight

9. When the above-knee style reaches a whole new level

10. Another shoe from the “careful not to trip” series

11. You need to be good at balancing to wear these sandals.

12. Who said ballerinas can’t be stylish and fashionable?

13. Without a doubt, very modern heels

14. Doesn’t this boot look like a piece of cheese?

15. What type of event would you wear these shoes to?

16. The evolution of sneakers

17. Someone put a table foot on this boot

18. It must be fun to walk backward in these boots

19. A good way to keep sandal straps from hurting your feet: wear foam rubber

20. These are for all Crocs fans out there!

21. Animal shoes!

Have you ever worn fancy or strange shoes? Show us some pics!


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